Thanks everyone for the support on the Button Me Up pattern!

Unfortunately, I’m having some rather irritating email problems at the moment (anyone else in Toronto having trouble sending email through the Mail program to the sympatico server?) and other computer woes so no proper post tonight – not up to rasslin’ with the computer.

Patterns are still going out though! And there’s more destashing to come soon, too.






2 responses to “grrr…argh”

  1. Shayla Avatar

    Thanks for the pattern! It’s so adorable!!! I just saw a video that Brainlady posted about underground crocheters and you were in it! I always wondered how you managed to crank out so many sweaters so fast but now I see-your fingers were flying!! So do you knit continental?

  2. Samantha Avatar

    A few people I know who have sympatico, but do not live in Toronto are having HUGE issues with their sympatico email/server. It’s not just you.

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