grey (and brown) monday

It’s a pretty gloomy day today, with rain in the forecast, but I’m planning to be cozied up with lots of tea and knitting!

I’ve gotten pretty far on reknitting my sweater with bows – it’s nearly up to the armholes again, and I’m really happy I ripped. A cardigan version is going to get a lot more wear with me than a pullover, and since the nows are spaced one more plain row apart than before, it’s going quicker!

back on track

(It looks about the same though, really.)

I also started a new sweater, out of that brown Dream in Color classy – this one is coming along really quickly. Worsted weight lace is super fun to knit. I’ve been feeling overheated more these days, so I thought the lace would be a good way to get some ventilation while still being nice and cozy. The real cold hasn’t actually settled in yet though, so who knows what’ll happen this winter.

new DIC sweater



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7 responses to “grey (and brown) monday”

  1. Miranda Avatar

    Love the brown lace… can’t wait to see what it grows up to be! Classy is great to knit with.

  2. erin kate Avatar

    I love dream in color classy, your sweater will no doubt be beautiful. Can’t wait to see it!

  3. Meredith MC Avatar
    Meredith MC

    you make drab-sounding grey and brown so pretty to look at.

  4. Lauren Avatar

    Im sure you get this all the time, but DANG do you knit fast! You and the yarn harlot… making the rest of us look lazy :)

  5. Michelle Moses Avatar

    The new lace sweater looks fantastic. I’m sure it’ll be perfect for those fall days!

  6. Allison Avatar

    Two sweaters at once…you are far better at multitasking than I am! How are you doing the bows in the gray sweater?

  7. Maryse Avatar

    Seems like you have two gorgeous knits in the work!

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