gotta study…

…so no pics at the moment. But believe me, I’ll post pics when I have the time! I’ve got a final tomorrow (in Phonetics) but I might be able to get pics up either afterward or Wednesday. Or maybe I’ll bring things to SnB on Wednesday and have someone else take the photos.

I’m working on my cabled top-down raglan at the moment, cruising the blogs (Carrie linked to me in her latest entry!), and I feel very guilty…must study…can’t stop cabling…I’m using Mission Falls wool (which is soft and smooth, nice to knit with!) and US 8 Denise needles. I’m doing an 8/10 cable down the front, with a nice Brittany cable needle. I may try cabling without a needle, I may not – it’s a pretty big cable, so I’m a bit unsure.

Off to study spectrograms and bilabial fricatives…






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