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Did I say tomorrow? I meant in a few days. I did wear it for Christmas, sans buttons – I still need to sew those on!

In the meanwhile, a few finished gifts that I made for others –

The blanket out of Noro Iro turned out well. Sadly, I didn’t take a photo of the finished piece, but here’s one close to the end.

iro blanket, more or less

I crocheted between each strip, them crocheted the strips together and then around the edge of the blanket. It turned out really big – at least as wide as my double bed. It used 9 balls of Noro Iro (with 8 mm needles) and six balls of Blue Sky Alpacas Sportweight (reclaimed from a top-down sweater that I ripped out).

I also made this cute bolero sweater for megan:


I used this pattern, which I found via Ravelry. I modified the sleeves so they wouldn’t be as wide, but they still turned out on the, let’s say, cozy size. I also had to completely change the sleeve cap as a result.

The yarn is my handspun Romney (seen here), roving purchased at Rhinebeck 2006 – about 900 yards of 3-ply worsted weight. The purple at the collar is also handspun, from mixed batts – feels like it’s merino and silk, among other fibres.

Boxing day sale tomorrow at lettuce knit – see you there!






5 responses to “gifts given”

  1. mai Avatar

    cute bolero sweater! i love it!

  2. Dianna Avatar

    That is a cute bolero sweater. Reminds me I used to have a flat midsection once upon a time… the handspun looks very nice there.

  3. Koko Puff Avatar

    Awesome sweater!!! You are a genius.

  4. Lydia / Windansea Avatar

    Wow, so many beautiful gifts! Gorgeous blanket!

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