Just a short entry, as I really should be studying!

Not a good knitting day. I’m having so much trouble binding off with the proper tension on my OSW! The first time was too tight (although maybe I should’ve just left it like that) – I did a normal bindoff. Then I undid that, and did an elastic bind off (*k2tog, put st back on left needle*) and it was too loose! I HATE undoing a bindoff.

This time – normal bindoff with a bigger needle. Last time I’m doing this!



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3 responses to “gahh.”

  1. cheryl Avatar

    I feel your frustration! I’ll be curious to know how the cast off works for you. I had the same problem with my OSW and I’m debating about frogging it and trying the cast off with a larger needle myself. Hang in there, I’m sure it’ll be worth it in the end. I guess I should take my own advice. :-)

  2. jae Avatar

    i dunno… i think grey’s your best bet. got any darker yarn? (fall is coming you know.)

  3. lisa Avatar

    Laura – I used the crochet bind off in a smaller size hook, and it works AND looks awesome. Just like a cast on edge.

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