fun with makeshift lightboxes

Attempt #1:

Boy hat out of double-stranded Nature’s Palette (Spruce) on 3.5 mm needles. Now finished, with cashmere lining (bindoff v.2). Quite a few shadows – need more lamps. And bigger paper or something (it’s a big box I’m using).







5 responses to “fun with makeshift lightboxes”

  1. Monica Eran Avatar
    Monica Eran

    Beautimous! A hat any discriminating man would love.

  2. janetdaly Avatar

    love this yarn — 2 yarns? the color is great

  3. Adrian Avatar

    That is gorgeous yarn!

    I don’t know about your weather, but where I am, it’s just so dismal lately that no amount of artificial light seems to make for good photos.

  4. Knitography Avatar

    Have you seen this article on how to make a lightbox at home? It has great ‘how to’ instructions.

  5. Peggy Avatar

    I like the shadows. It adds some depth to the objects!

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