fun with dyelots

Lightbox attempt #2:

Clearly I need some big paper or photography sheeting or something – light shows through the cracks! Oh, and photoshop. Still, not too bad.

I picked up another skein of the organic wool on Tuesday and started striping it in – it really doesn’t appear stripey or anything at all, which is excellent. I’m just about to start the raglan decreases, so this puppy might be done this weekend! I could really have used it the last few days…and next week it’s supposed to be warming up. Eh, whatever.

I’m scrapping the neckband in the book because it’ll be too high (mock turtlenecks bug me) and I think I’ll just do a tight roll neck instead, just to balance the intense cables everywhere else. I think it’ll work out – we’ll see!







5 responses to “fun with dyelots”

  1. Miss Muffy Avatar

    Geesh! How many times do I have to drop my jaw at the speed/beauty of your knitting? I LOVE the texture – it makes you want to reach out and scrunch it!

  2. StacyZ Avatar

    Use white posterboard ;) it totally works!!

    Love the knitting.

  3. Sheila Avatar

    I love the color of your sweater. The texture really pops in that yarn. It’s fun to see sweaters knit that I liked from the magazines. Then I don’t feel too bad that there isn’t enough time in the world to knit every sweater that I love!

  4. Dotty Avatar

    I use a king size white sheet as a photography background. I bought it at the thrift store. I use it when I photograph my quilts. I also use it folded up for photographing my knitting.

  5. Esther Avatar

    looks wonderful :)

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