Hey, it’s a knit outfit!

Pattern: Ubernatural from Magknits, by Glampyre
Yarn: Katia Pisco, from Elann, double stranded, somewhere around 7-8 skeins
Needles: Denise US 15 (10 mm)
Started: May 12, 2005
Finished: May 24, 2005

A super fast knit. I should’ve done another two increase rows if I wanted it to close over my bust properly, but oh well.
Changes: lengthened the sleeves, lengthened total body, more increase rows, reduced ribbing, no body shaping, fewer buttons.

Wavy Skirt
Pattern: from Interweave Knits Spring 2005
Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, “Candy Apple”, 4 skeins
Needles: Denise US 5, 6, 7 (3.75, 4, 4.5 mm)
Started: April 25, 2005
Finished: May 24, 2005

I made up a size between the two sizes given, and it’s a tad loose in the waist but with the drawstring it’s fine. Comfy – I think I’ll wear it today!
Changes: made up a size, lengthened st st portion, double length chain drawstring.

I’ve been doing some other, small stuff lately:

I knit a swatch, for a skrit for my little sister.

And I’m knitting a little scarf out of leftover Mango Moon recycled silk.

Have a good day!



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18 responses to “FOs!”

  1. Alexandra Avatar

    The skirt is great and I think you’ve inspired me to try Ubernatural again (damn it).

  2. Allison Avatar

    Your skirt looks fantastic! Yarn diet be damned – I want one.

  3. Jill Avatar

    Love the skirt Laura…I may have to start one tonight using the size you made up!

  4. Lisa Avatar

    the skirt and sweater are just grand. Great job, and I’m glad your fix worked out well for you.

    Quick question – did you purchase the roving/fleece in Toronto? If so, can you let me know where, as I’m interested in obtaining some for myself.


  5. Siri Avatar

    Ooh. They are BOTH great. I love the skirt in the solid color. I’ve wanted to make it but couldn’t come up with the right mix of colors. Duh! I never thought of only using one. Uh oh. Now I just have to choose which color.

  6. Jen M Avatar
    Jen M

    Love the skirt in a solid color, I would not have thought of that. One question: is it at all heavy? I keep feeling like a knit skirt of any length must be a little heavy for summer?

  7. Brenda Avatar

    Your skirt looks great. I would need substantial girth control to wear one. I’ll stick to knitting sweaters.

  8. Karma Avatar

    Both projects look fantastic. I love your finished Ubernatural. Close fitting, like that, makes it Uberfeminine and Uberflattering!

  9. grumperina Avatar

    Guess what? Bloglines let me know when you published pictures of your FOs! Yay for RSS feed! Seriously, the skirt and the cardigan are super-duper cute, great job!

  10. Leslie - knitting therapist Avatar
    Leslie – knitting therapist

    Hey! Bloglines updated you!
    and the outfit is amazing.

  11. andrea Avatar

    both look incredible! i’m really loving your ubernatural – the sleeve lengths are *perfect*, good call ;)

  12. Adele Avatar

    Good lord woman, you’re on fire as always. You always amaze me with the number of FO’s you rip out per month.

    They both look fantastic!

  13. anna Avatar

    wow, you wear them well. the skirt is fabulous. after you’ve worn it for a day will you let us know if there are any sagging/bagging/stretching issues with the cotton?

  14. kelly Avatar

    your RSS feed worked this morning :)

  15. sharlyn Avatar

    What a great outfit. I’m in love with your Ubernatural and think I’m going to have to rethink “not knitting” it.

  16. blossom Avatar

    hi, i love your outfit! looks wonderful! i’m making the wave skirt right now and have concerns mentioned by others. please let us know how you like it! i’m using smallest needle (US5) all the way because the smallest size in pattern might still be loose for me.

  17. Eilene Avatar

    What a fabulous outfit. Love it all. They both fit great! I love the sweater the way it is. Would you really button it all the way up?

  18. Nel Avatar

    The skirt is GORGEOUS!!!
    Possible to share the pattern? Love it love it so so much….

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