fo: oh my, it’s cashmere!

I started this sweater ages ago, finished it a little while later, and then…it just sat around on my dressform all summer, waiting to be worn! I had planned on adding sewn buttonloops and buttons, but my laziness got the better of me.

fo: cashmere sweater

So here it is at Rhinebeck – photo taken on our rental house deck.

This here’s a top-down raglan cardigan, knit in Handmaiden 4ply cashmere (6 skeins). I used Jody’s Unwrapped top-down instructions but then veered off after the yoke increases were complete and made it into a cardigan.

This one has all hemmed edges, including the bands/collar, bottom edge and sleeve edges. I didn’t put in buttonholes, so I wear it closed with a kilt pin. I have quite a few sweaters that I wear closed with either a hair stick, shawl pin or kilt pin, so this one fits right in!

The yarn is super, super soft and has developed a lovely halo. Unfortunately the hemmed bands, being not very cinch-y, are sagging a bit after maybe a dozen wears. I don’t think I’ll rip and reknit them, though – it’s not falling off and feels really cozy! I love this sweater…and it gets lots of appreciation (and groping) from other knitters as well.

(And since I know someone will ask – the belt bag is from Roots, the t-shirt is from Hardboiled, and that’s the hemp skirt that’ll get its own post!)

For those who were wondering, the cozy grey sweater on the dressform in my previous post is Cosima from Berroco. This version was sent to the store by Berroco as a sample – and it’s been super popular! The shape is really flattering on a ton of body types. Seriously, everyone who has tried it on has loved it!



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11 responses to “fo: oh my, it’s cashmere!”

  1. Lisa Avatar

    The cashmere sweater looks so comfy! You know, I’ve done hemmed bands before and they always sag, it is frustrating because I do like the finished look of them. I guess it’s the weight of the doubled fabric?

    And Cosmina! I so want to make that. I was looking for yarn for it the other day but the shop I was one ball short of what I needed in any of the colors I liked. I know I probably have something in my stash that would work for it, but I really would like to make it out of the Cuzco. Guess I’ll need to order some.

  2. andrea Avatar

    Oh the sweater! Oh the waist pack! Such a great photo!

    I really might need to check out this roots store you linked to. xo

  3. Clumsy Knitter Avatar

    What a great and comfy everyday sweater. The color is perfect…it goes with everything!

  4. Alice from france Avatar

    This sweater is super cute!!

  5. Cassy Avatar

    That looks wonderfully cozy. That color is one of my favorite neutrals too.

  6. Seanna Lea Avatar

    Your sweater looks great! I’m always looking for things to wear in my cold office (that aren’t hooded sweat shirts), and that looks delicious!

  7. SamLaTricoteuse Avatar

    I believe you should publish this one up – with the adjustment for the cardigan even though you have adapted it – and publish it to adapt for larger sizes – this is the type of perfect styling good for everyone… Myself would buy it !

  8. kathy Avatar

    Wow, you are scary good. Love that sweater and it would never occur to me to make it a cardigan. It’s a great sweater. Will you publish the pattern?

  9. Julie Avatar

    oh my god, that cardi looks amazing! I love how squishy soft it looks, so cuddly for the chilly weather. Awesome job!!

  10. Jennie Avatar

    ooohhh super cozy!

  11. Debra Avatar

    I love the cardi idea. Could you give some details on how you modified the pattern?


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