FO: Loads of Garter Stitch

Finished object: hat and booties!

hat + booties

I think they are pretty cute!

Patterns: Cutest Booties by Stephanie; hat pattern is my own – it was surprising to me that I couldn’t find a good garter stitch hat pattern for babies!
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Rialto 4 ply – very soft and nice, but splitty. Good for making the pompoms though, it fluffs up really nicely.

hat + booties

Speaking of pompoms, I could swear I bought a set of the Clover pompom makers ages ago but I guess that was just in my head! I used cardboard to make the hat pompom and a fork to make the small ones. I sewed through them with thread and a sharp needle so hopefully they’ll hold together for a good long time.


Now that the hat and booties are done, I can get back to this shoulder warmer. I’m knitting the sleeves in the round, so the new version of the pattern will have options for both flat (seamed) or circular (seamless). It’s going fast and the Malabrigo Rios is so lovely to knit with!



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6 responses to “FO: Loads of Garter Stitch”

  1. Susan Avatar

    There’s an old(ish) book by Melanie Falick and Kristin Nicholas called Knitting for Baby that has a couple fast garter stitch hat patterns:
    The cloche is especially fun :)

  2. Sheila Mayhew Avatar
    Sheila Mayhew

    I like the little hat for a newborn – would you like to put the pattern so we can purchase it?

  3. Renee Avatar

    Wow, those pompoms really fluffed out. Very cute set!

  4. whitney Avatar

    So cute!! I’ve actually never made a pompom before, but gosh, seeing how adorable they are with those baby things makes me want to!

  5. Shai Avatar

    Adorable! Hope you are going to offer the baby hat pattern!

  6. Tancie Avatar

    What is the name of the purple yarn. I’m doing your top down cardigan, and I love the look of this yarn. Thanks Tancie

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