FO: delicious stripey knee socks!

Okay, so these have been a LONG time in the making – I started them way back in September in London and Paris when I went with ysolda. If I recall correctly, I do think I finished one in a pretty timely manner…but the second one took FOREVER.

I guess the important thing is, now they’re done! And with temperatures still in the single digits (in Celsius, of course) there’s still plenty of time to wear them.

delicious stripey knee socks, finally done!

Stripey Knee Socks
Pattern: my own, custom to fit my enormous calves (seriously people, I’ve got an 8″ differential between my ankle and calf)
Yarn: Indigo Moon fingering weight in Chocolate and Raspberry
Needles: US 0

stripey knee socks, back

These were knit toe up, with a turkish cast on and short-row heel. The yarn comes in 100g balls, so I divided them up by weight first. Then because I wanted the brown to have slightly wider stripes, I decided to do the toe, heel, and top ribbing in the pink only. I’ll probably weave a little bit of thread covered elastic into the bottom half of the ribbing (which is folded over in these photos) to help them say up.

To cover the jog and just look pretty, I made a faux seam by slipping a stitch every other round up the back of the leg. I did lots of increases for the calf, then a few decreases as well to help them stay up!

delicious stripey knee socks!

I love them!

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38 responses to “FO: delicious stripey knee socks!”

  1. Alex Avatar

    :gasp!: Those are so pretty! I love knee socks.

  2. yarnpiggy Avatar

    Ok, I think those are honestly my favourite socks ever. Hot pink! What’s not to love?

  3. Amanda Avatar

    Lovely! I too, suffer from the “big calf” problem and it’s kept me from making any socks that go more then 2″ above my ankle. I might have to get brave one of these days!

  4. valokki Avatar

    They’re gorgeous!

  5. Lauren Avatar

    WOW those are amazing!!! I am usually not a big sock person but I want to cast those on RIGHT NOW!

  6. Rodger Avatar

    You think that’s bad? My calf is as big around as my neck. And I am not a delicately built person.

  7. karen stevens Avatar
    karen stevens

    I absolutely love these – and they look great with that skirt! (did you make that too?)

  8. sophy Avatar

    i love them!

  9. Kate Avatar

    Those are seriously cute! Love them with the skirt.

    And that faux seam is brilliant! I’ve never seen that done before…will definitely have to try it sometime.

  10. Luise Avatar

    Fabulous socks, from every point of view. I just hope it’s not too late to thank you for the wonderful trip you just took us on vicariously (or virtually?). Your pictures were stunning, and I learned a lot.

  11. Walden Avatar

    Love the socks and the fake seam in the back.

  12. Allison Avatar

    Those are gorgeous! Makes me want to make a pair for my big calves.

  13. Lisa Avatar

    I love your socks! I knit a pair of knee-high knicker socks for my brother and he also had a large differential between ankle and calf. Those socks took f-o-r-e-v-e-r to finish, but they turned out great!

  14. annie Avatar

    I made leg warmers and to keep them up I used 1 inch thick non-roll elastic and hemmed them. They stay up great. Your sock are awesome.

  15. kaet Avatar

    these are so amazing! i dream of being able to knit something like that one day!

  16. Jennifer Avatar

    Delurking to say those are so beautiful. I’ve really enjoyed reading about your travels lately as well.

  17. Gudrun Avatar

    These are indeed delicious and not just because of the chocolate and raspberry involved…love the seam too!

  18. Maryse Avatar

    I love them too! The colors are gorgeous and so are the stripes. The faux seam is a great idea as it adds a lot of style to the socks. Will you write a pattern?

  19. Ann Avatar

    Love the socks & the idea of a faux seam at the back is great!

  20. grumperina Avatar

    Absolutely marvelous! Great colors, great design, they look wonderful on you! I like the faux seam especially.

  21. mai Avatar

    laura, these are beautiful! i love the faux seam and the colors you used. i need to make myself a pair now.

  22. Lisa Avatar

    These are so pretty! Totally love the hot pink! :)

  23. terhi Avatar

    Oh I love these! I like the look of the seam, and the colours are just wonderful!

  24. Jocelyn Avatar

    Those are gorgeous. I do love your short-row heel technique and now find that I can do it without referring to a cheat sheet.

    I have been lurking in your travel blog entries and enjoying all the notes and photos. Your trip to Japan and China is awesome stuff. India was an eye-opener as I work with a few Indians in the office and they have never described their home country quite the same way as your photos did.

    And should you decide, for whatever hair-brained crazy reason, to visit Dubai, look me up and I will show you around. We’ll even have a knit-out with the rest of the knitters here!

  25. Knittripps Avatar

    I love them! I would be tempted to wear them everday. Very nice work.

  26. Natalie B Avatar
    Natalie B

    I love that Indigo Moon has made it all the way to Toronto! That lady makes gorgeous stuff, and is so friendly! beautiful socks!

  27. Em Avatar

    Those are AMAZING! I’ve been hesitating making some knee socks because I too have giant calves. I rarely show them off, but yours look great in those socks! (That wasn’t intended to sound creepy!)

  28. jaya Avatar

    Those socks are adorable! I think I might need to make myself a set! :)

  29. LynnH Avatar

    I love them, too.

    And big, huge thanks for the travel photos/commentary. I love the world so much, and will never be able to go everywhere that sounds fascinating. Your trip helped fill that gap.

  30. Jolene Avatar

    awesome socks! love the colours and everything about them… I hope you don’t mind a copycat… but I think I will have to try and make a pair :)

    it’s a delight to see your work as always.

  31. elise Avatar

    i have an 8″ differential between my calves and ankles too, even tho i’ve got a fine bone structure (not even sure how that’s possible!). been kind of a pain trying to figure out how to do the increases quickly enough for a pair of knee socks. yours turned out lovely!

  32. Debbie Avatar

    Very cute. I want them!

  33. Rebecca Avatar

    They look so good! I’d never be able to knit something like that – I struggle to get 1 pair done in 3 months :)! Love looking at yours though and wishing!

  34. lilknitter Avatar

    I’m delurking to tell you how awesome those socks are! And how super will they look with those Doc mary janes! (and by the way, where did you get those Docs? I’m having a heck of a time finding a shop in Ottawa that sells anything but DM boots, so I’m thinking of expanding my search to TO)

  35. LizKnits Avatar

    Love those socks… looking forward to seeing the pattern!

  36. Dr. Steph Avatar

    They’re fab. I love chocolate and raspberry.

  37. Seanna Lea Avatar

    Great socks. I’ve been tempted to make tall socks a few times, but I’ve always decided that I didn’t want to mess with calf shaping. Even slender calves need it after all… not that I’m claiming slender calves for myself. Too muscular for that!

  38. gleek Avatar

    they are absolutely perfect in so many ways :)

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