FO – “Cotton” raglan

It’s done! Finished in time to actually get worn a few times before winter’s over.

Organic Wool Raglan

Organic Wool Raglan
Pattern: Cotton Raglan from Melissa Leapman’s “Cables Untangled”
Yarn: O-wool in Oatmeal, 8 skeins – one a different dye lot
Needles: Denise US 8

There’s an error in the chart for this pattern – the right and left twist stitches in each pattern row should be the same as for the first row in order to make the column of stitches look as in the photos.

I really like the sweater, but it’s a bit chunky-making, so no modelled photos today. It’s perhaps greatly the fault of the sleeves; they are too baggy at the upper arm for me, and it just makes the whole thing look big. I actually did kind of realize while I was knitting it that the sleeve looked a little wide, but I didn’t do anything about it…oh, well. It’s okay.

The raglan is also a bit long for me – could have been solved by binding off stitches at the beginning of the raglan shaping! Strangely, this pattern just has you start decreasing, so no underarm gusset. The neck was also really wide before I did the collar; could’ve been solved by doing more raglan decreases.

Instead of the cabled collar in the pattern, I just picked up (2 of every 3 stitches because I wanted the neck to be narrower) and knit some stockinette for a rollneck. It actually doesn’t roll enough when I’m wearing it! The stockinette just sort of flattens out.

cables closeup

The cable pattern is fun to work and easy to memorize. I cabled without a cable needle – I’d say that’s pretty imperative in a pattern with lots of twists!

It’s nice and toasty. And the organic wool is SUPER. I love it – lots of plies, feels sturdy but isn’t at all itchy. Great yardage and price, too! (If you want to order some for yourself, we’ve got lots at lettuce knit!)

Now, the new project of the week (along with some socks I’m trying to get done):

ladder lace shrug

A ladder lace shrug to wear with my hot black halter dress to rachel m’s wedding next weekend! I’m using super soft and luxe Sublime Merino Silk Aran (it’s black). Done the first sleeve, now motorin’ along the back.

P.S. I’ve added some more stuff to the destashing page, mostly sock yarn. Email me at cosmicpluto at cosmicpluto dot com to claim!



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10 responses to “FO – “Cotton” raglan”

  1. laura b Avatar

    Looks great! I especially love the way those cables look when you scroll over them.

  2. Juno Avatar

    I saw o-wool somewhere recently and it wasn’t as soft as I was expecting – did it soften while your worked with it? Or after you washed it? Inquiring minds want to know.

  3. Lydia / Windandsea Avatar

    That is simply gorgeous – very beautiful!

  4. ivete Avatar

    The sweater looks great! I’ve never used the O-wool but I’ve been meaning to try it, do you think it feels similar to something like Cascade 220? I’ve never seen the O-wool in person so I have no idea what to expect. Thanks!

  5. Sheila Avatar

    Great sweater. I will be aware of the error in the book.

  6. Kelly Avatar

    This is crazy beautiful! I’m sure it will look stunning on you. I just learned to cable, and it’s slowing going – I just can’t find a rhythym…so I may ask about this cable-needless-technique some day when I see you. For me, this may however prove to not be such a good plan! I forsee this could lead to lost stitches and plenty of cursing in my future. Clearly you have this mastered!

  7. Jen Avatar

    You are a knitting machine! It seems like every time I pop over here you have a new drool-making FO.

  8. lisa Avatar

    The sweater is beautiful – wowza!

  9. Felicia Avatar

    I’m truly in lust with this sweater. Its beautiful!

  10. Mrs MJW Avatar

    Love the organic and the sweater. Very nice!!!

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