FO alert!


Pattern: Debbie Bliss’ “Cotton Angora” book
Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, off-lot Cavern (dark brown/purple instead of black) bought from eBay, 5 skeins
Needles: Denise US7
Started: September 18, 2005
Finished: October16, 2005

Just under a month later (and among many other projects), Katy is finally done! She’s a beaut, and no flashdance neckline either!

– The knitting was super-easy. Mostly just straight, with cable crosses every other right side row.
– I cabled without a needle.
– I sort of followed Alison’s adjustments on how to make the neckline smaller. I did one additional decrease in the armscye to set the sleeves in further; I lengthened the body a bit; I left fewer stitches across the back neck for the collar, effectively making the shoulders wider; in the front, I stopped the decreases when the shoulders matched the back.
– Three-needle bindoff for the shoulders, mattress stitch everywhere else (even setting in the sleeves was painless!)
– Although the pattern is a big chunky due to all the cables, since I used thinner yarn it’s not too bulky.

On a competely different note, check out these awesome colour cards I got from AmiAmi (and they were FREE):

My favourite is “Faith”, it’s soooo soft. I’ll definitely be buying some..sometime.



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11 responses to “FO alert!”

  1. Brenda Avatar

    Absolutely beautiful

  2. jody Avatar

    katy looks great! it fits really well. the purpley-brown “cavern” yarn sounds cool.

    btw, THANK YOU for the AmiAmi link! their yarn looks so very interesting. i’ve already ordered a sample book for myself!

  3. Karma Avatar

    Yay! Katy is so cute. That’s exactly the kind of sweater you’ll wear over and over. Enjoy!

  4. grumperina Avatar

    Wonderful job! Your sweater looks fabulous, and the neckline mods really worked out well. Enjoy wearing it!

  5. Lisa Avatar

    Laura – what an OUTSTANDING job on Katy.

  6. kellyt Avatar

    You must knit in your sleep! It looks beautiful, and very cozy.

  7. Jill Avatar

    Katy looks very cool Laura. Damn, I wish I had made that sweater but I highly doubt I’m going to get around to it anytime soon. I checked out the link you sent me. Pretty funny/weird.

  8. gray la gran Avatar

    you are such a prolific knitter! and i’m amazed at all your alterations/adjustments … such a good fit :) (i’m a big fan of ‘cotton fleece’) … i’d like to try their ‘cotton fine’ too!

  9. jae Avatar

    laura – in the posts that are on this page alone you have THREE FINISHED SWEATERS. that’s nuts! i’m amazed. you’re quite the advertisement for converting to continental. wish i could get into it….

  10. blossom Avatar

    wow, gorgeous sweater!! i really like it.

  11. Eilene Avatar

    Congrats on a finished Katy. She looks fabulous! I adore the color.

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