fluevogs need new homes!

A bit random for this knitting blog, but since I know some of you are sure to be as into shoes as I am, I’ve got a couple of pairs of Fluevogs that I’d love to see go to loving homes!

destash: fluevog Soprano Katia

Soprano Katia in Teal/Olive, size 8 – these shoes are discontinued! Heel height is 3″. Gorgeous and comfortable with nice rubbery soles and sturdy stacked heel. Strap is elastic (doesn’t open). Worn only a couple of times. I actually LOVE these shoes but they’re too big :( SOLD!

destash: Fluevog Mini Zaza

Mini Zaza, in brown and green, size 7.5. Heel height 2.5″. Gorgeous and comfortable shoes with the signature Mini heel (hourglass shape) which is super sturdy! Sadly a touch too big for me. Worn only a couple of times, with an insole (so no wear inside the footbed). Excellent condition.SOLD!

If you’re interested drop me a line for prices (negotiable!) and any other info you might need!






8 responses to “fluevogs need new homes!”

  1. lolly Avatar

    i *wish* i was a size 8!

  2. Dani Avatar

    Gah! Damn big feet!

  3. not an artist Avatar

    Hmmmmmm so cute… been wanting a pair of turquoise shoes… any chance I can try them on before committing? Are you at knit night this wed?

  4. Nicole Avatar

    I love the teal shoes, please email me!

  5. CrazyVet Avatar

    The teal MJs are lovely, sadly way to big for my teeny-tiny feet (36 european, which I think is about 6 US)…

  6. Rachael Avatar

    I love the teal ones, and have an outfit that I think they’d go perfectly with. Emailed you!

  7. Seanna Lea Avatar

    The teal ones would be right my speed, but they are probably too big for me too!

  8. leslie Avatar

    i wonder if those size 8’s would fit me….

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