flower power

The Zinnia socks are finally done, and they are just soooo warm and soft and cozy. They fit perfectly, too.

Zinnia socks
Pattern: basic sock, 2×2 ribbed cuff and instep
Yarn: Knitpicks Sock Garden in “Zinnia”, one and a bit skeins (I wonder if I have enough for footies out of the rest of the second skein…)
Needles: Clover US0 dpns
Re-started: August 28, 2005
Finished: September 19, 2005

Yeah, they took awhile for such little socks. But they were lecture/subway/whatever knitting, with little priority. I did finally finish them because I wanted the needles (I think I need some more US0 needles, damn loose knitting) for these:

These are socks in Lorna’s Laces Sock, in “Irving Park”, and they are perrrrfect. And superfast to boot – I did all of this today, on the subway, between classes (I had 4 hours of gaps) and ummm, IN classes. I kind of wanted to try a yarn-over short row heel, but I went with the wrapped one instead. Plus, I tried them on when I got home and they fit most excellently – I did the ribbing on size 1 needles, then switched to zeros for the leg, and the leg is exactly the right length to hit my leg in the right place for the size of the ribbing, if that makes any sense!

Sorry, I’m just rather excited for this sock. It’s actually going to be difficult to not finish it tonight at home – I want to keep it for on the road, since it’s simple stockinette. At least I’ve got Katy (and lots of reading) to keep my company!



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5 responses to “flower power”

  1. Karma Avatar

    I’ve always loved the Irving Park colorway. And your zinnia socks look so comfy and cute!

  2. lynette Avatar

    both pair of socks are so cute. now i want to go out and buy the zinnia colorway, or an equally cute colorway in Sock Garden.

  3. Lisa Avatar

    sock o mania at cosmicpluto! They look great. Is there a link to how to make the heel in the sock you are currently working on?

  4. Brenda Avatar

    Hi Laura,
    What is US 1 and 0 in mm? A small needle I am sure. When you knit with those very small needles, how many stitches do you cast on for the sock? Sorry for the barage of questions, but I am always interested in how knitters do their socks – and learning different ways to do mine.
    Brenda who talked to you at the Knitters Fair.

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