five and a sixth

That’s how many hexagons I’ve knit for the Koigu skirt.

And I’m still on the first skein of yarn! I’ll likely get the rest of the sixth hexagon out of it still. Unfortunately, the other two skeins that I was supposed to have mailed to me haven’t shown up yet – it’s been just about 10 business days, and it’s from in town! If it isn’t here tomorrow I’ll email.

In the oh-so-close pile, Cavern just needs buttons and button loops. I want to at least sew on the buttons tonight, but I’m sooooo tired.

And I’m just about the second sleeve of Cloud – here’s where I need to join a new ball, but I would’ve had to get a new ball for the neck anyway. I’ve got plenty of yarn left, which is good.







3 responses to “five and a sixth”

  1. Leslie - knitting therapist Avatar
    Leslie – knitting therapist

    Good to know about the koigu. I havent gotten my pattern yet either, and will email if it doesn’t come today.
    Have a great day.
    see you soon.

  2. kellyt Avatar

    How do you bind off on your top down sweaters? Anything special? I’m doing a top down and I bound off by knitting every stitch on the wrong side but the ribbing looks a little wonky!

  3. Kristin Avatar

    Your really moving along. Now, are those pink T pins that I see or is it just a reflection? How cool would pink T pins be!

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