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Hey, did you guys know that it’s really difficult to take a good photo of a whole quilt? It’s especially difficult with a) a fixed length lens and b) a Toronto apartment without a yard!

Relatedly, I finished quilting and binding my giant star quilt! I used Daiwabo Vintage Dry Goods from the workroom for this one, purchased in fat quarters. I think I originally cut the squares to be 15″. The finished quilt is 60″ x 70″.

Daiwabo star

When I finished the center star I decided that it needed to be a bit longer, so I put a border around all the sides and pieced together some short strips for the top and bottom. The purple binding is Painter’s Canvas by Laura Gunn, and the backing is some unlabeled chambray from the Textile Museum sale! Everything was sewn by hand with needle and thread – I really love Clover Black Gold needles. I use sharps for the piecing and binding, and quilting betweens for the hand quilting.

Daiwabo star

Daiwabo star

My Rhinebeck sweater is off the needles and in a bath as I type! This is my own pattern, which I hope to release in early November. If you see me in it this weekend, please say hello!

rhinebeck sweater 2013

Between (Canadian) Thanksgiving on Monday and leaving for a night in NYC on Thursday, it’s a short week! Hope to see lots of you at Rhinebeck!




9 responses to “finish line”

  1. hamilton chicklets Avatar

    Both the sweater and the quilt are beautiful! I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again… piecing and quilting entirely by hand is quite an impressive feat! Wish I was going to NYC and Rhinebeck! Have a great time!

  2. Tanis Avatar

    Beautiful quilt, I love the giant proportions and the colour palette. But that sweater! Oh my, such gorgeous lush cables. Looking forward to seeing the rest of that beautiful garment.

  3. moiraeknittoo Avatar

    This is LOVELY. I’ve been wanting to get into quilting in the worst way, but right now I’d need to do it all by hand. Having such a beautiful example to look to is heartening. I’m sorry, I can’t remember the genesis of this quilt. Did you take a class or did you just dive in and start sewing, using skills you already had? Regardless, it’s a lovely FO and looks super cozy!!

    PS – the sweater is fab too. :D

  4. keren Avatar

    Laura- As usual I am amazed by your patience and by the accuracy in your works- both quilting and , (especially) knitting, which I like even more. Both products are fabulous.

    How can you make such projects in a relatively short amount of time?

  5. Jane Avatar

    That quilt is gorgeous! I am so in awe of how speedy you are at handquilting.

  6. Cassy Avatar

    That sweater is incredible!!!! The quilt is too, but the sweater made me gasp. Wow. Wish I was going to Rhinebeck so I could say hi.

  7. Susanne Scheurwater Avatar
    Susanne Scheurwater

    I am hoping that is a cardigan, although I am determined I could make it one, if it is not! Just gorgeous! congrats and pls make it soon to release the pattern!!!

  8. Leslie Avatar

    I love the color of your sweater.

  9. Judy Avatar

    Gorgeous sweater, Laura! Love your quilt, too. Both are very special.

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