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These days I’m all about the mindless knit most of the time (while reading), with more complex stuff thrown into the TV time (where I can actually look at a pattern). Easy-peasy: log cabin-ing!

My handspun log cabin is growing and dude, I love it. I’ve already added another layer+ since I took this photo. And it’s actually using up balls of handspun! I’m doing 10 ridges in each section, but if I run out of a colour I just add a couple ridges the next time I’m on that side to make up for it. I want this one pretty big, and I’m already starting to think that I might have to actually spin yarn for it. I’m already planning another out of pakucho cotton, maybe double stranded on huge needles for even more fast-ness.

In other fastest-ever news, I’m progressing so fast on the handspun top-down I showed yesterday that the next post about it will likely be an FO! I’m done the body and neck edging (just some single crochet), a sleeve, and am working on the other sleeve. Here’s hoping I divided that yarn equally, and the second sleeve will be the same length as the first one. Hooray for using up stash!







14 responses to “file under: fast and easy”

  1. Theresa Avatar

    That’s a great use of random balls of handspun!

  2. Kathy Avatar

    What a great idea for handspun!

  3. emily elizabeth Avatar

    Oh I love it! Excellent colorscheme. Can’t wait to see the finished project!

  4. Jen Avatar

    That is such a great idea. Now that I’m spinning I have been wondering what to do with small amounts of handspun!!! Thanks!

  5. gleek Avatar

    very pretty! i love all the different colors you’re using.

  6. dennymcmillan Avatar

    yaaaaaa for blankies.
    blankies are good…..did you know their good for making babies on……just saying

  7. dennymcmillan Avatar

    yum……….when your married I ment. not now, oh no just practice now.

  8. Julia Avatar

    Wow, that looks great! I love those colors. So cool that it’s out of handspun.

  9. handknit168 Avatar

    Like your log cabin-ing. I like this when reading mason-dixon knitting book. The colour is nice for the top-down cardigan

  10. Lorraine Avatar

    What the heck took me so long to get here? Lovely stuff. I am obsessed with blankies that use up snippets so I completely understand the log cabin situation. I usually get sucked into squares but log cabin looks yummy. L:

  11. Randi Avatar

    Wow, I love your log cabin…I’ve been wanting to start one for ages and you’ve really inspirede me to get going :o) Love the colors you’re using.

  12. hpny knits Avatar

    I LOVE your hand-spun log cabin. its gorgeous. I recently did a pillow cover log cabin in kureyon leftover, but your own handspun! wow. this is a good incentive to start spinning!

  13. Diane Murphy Avatar

    oh laura, it looks absolutely wonderful!

  14. Dr. Judy Avatar
    Dr. Judy

    Lovely work! Any chance of getting a pic of the reverse side of the Log Cabin?

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