Ahhh. I love spring.

Since my camera’s charging at the moment, no photos today – I guess you’ll just have to use your imagination! Actually, wait, maybe I *do* have a photo….oh, here it is.

New project #1 – a bottom-up raglan, striped, in Lavold Silky Wool and Tweed. I love the fabric, but meh. Not very exciting. Maybe…three quarter sleeves, v-neck. Something like that.

Dreamcatcher is blocking! It was a bit of a mess before blocking (all curly and small) but now it looks awesome. A button search is lined up for tomorrow. Plus, after the sleeve cap Disaster that was Cable/Rib, it’s reassuring to know that I can actually set in a sleeve and have it work. Which is good, since a couple of the projects I’m planning have set in sleeves.

What else…I’ve been slacking off school (exams in two weeks? pshaw, that’s ages from now), and dyeing up a storm for myself and for the spindle class I’m teaching this Friday and next at lettuce knit – in town and wanna try your hand at making yarn? There are a couple spaces left, just give us a ring!

Denny gave me a handfull of sparkly stuff to spin, and although you probably have noticed I’m not really the bling type, I can’t wait to ply it into some pink merino I’m working on right now.

Let’s hope tomorrow’s button jaunt is successful, so I can show you all a new and very cool sweater!

6 Responses to “eighteen celsius and sunny”

  1. Kerry

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while, and I just wanted to say how envious I am that you knit such beautiful things, and at such incredible speeds! One day I hope to knit that fast. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing all your projects. :-)

  2. Chris

    Oh, looking forward to seeing the results of the button search! If I was anywhere close, I’d take that class in a second. :)

  3. maggie

    i would love to get in on that class.. maybe convince my spindle it doesn’t hate me…
    but my *last* exam [oftheyear] is friday, and i will be wearing polkadots and getting quite inebriated the moment it’s done….mmm…
    But all the pretty stuff you spin definitely has me wanting to give the whole spinning thing a second try this summer :)


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