The Waterloo County Knitter’s Fair.

Crazy – even busier than last year, and the vendors were sure crowded in! I had a couple of readers come up to me (which was also crazy! since when do people come up to me!) while I myself was too shy to say hi to brainy alison.

Without further ado, the booty.

From Shelridge Farms, 5 skeins of worsted wool and 2 skeins of sock yarn.

This picture shows the colour of the worsted weight (Soft Touch W4) way better.

From Wellington Fibres, a bag of roving. A SUPER deal at $22 for 250 g – it’s 50% mohair, 50% polwarth leicester cross.

From Four Seasons Knitting…koigu! I bought six skeins, but she only had 4 with her – so she’s mailing me the other two!

Last but not least…RedBirdKnits. My first stop of the day, my most expensive. Woo!

4 skeins red Silky Wool, 4 skeins grey Silky Tweed.

Lorna’s Laces Wool Top, in “Watercolor” (I wonder if I’ll get sick of this colourway? my go with the flow socks are in this colourway too).

And MISSING IN ACTION! 100 g of CORMO ROVING! Noooooooooo! I’m thinking it fell out of the bag while it was being stored under a table at the lettuce knit booth, and that megan (either one) picked it up for me. Otherwise I’m going to hope that Robyn might be able to help me out! (Pretty please?)

Well, that’s all folks. I’m tired, time to go spin!






2 responses to “duuuuuuude.”

  1. Karma Avatar

    Ack! I hope your roving makes an appearance soon! How sad. I love your new yarns, especially the Koigu, natch. Have fun petting it and planning your next projects! :)

  2. Maria Avatar

    Who did you go with? I didn’t make it this time, but I’ll go to the next one!

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