drops and blisters

I went to the big yarn store again today (sacrilege, I know) and I got another ball of Regia Jubilee Color, in blues (I think it’s Antigua?). I think that the Jubilee Color is my favourite Regia (possibly favourite sokc yarn) because there’s so much patterning going on! I mean, I like stripes too, but they’re not nearly as exciting.

I was also looking for another Garnstudio Drops needle, something smaller than the 2.5 mm that I got last time, but they didn’t have anything. And looking at the Garnstudio website, I don’t think they even come any smaller than 2.5 mm. I did, however, manage to find the one 80 cm 3.5 mm Garnstudio needle that they had, which will make my tall socks MUCHO easier. That Collection needle, oy, it was REALLY getting on my nerves. I’m even getting a bit of teensy blisters on my right thumb from having to always hold the front needle, pushing the stitches up. I’ve already worked a few rounds on the new needle (I’m at a library at school – yay for wireless internet!) and it’s much, much better. I might have to take a break from the socks, though and let me thumb get happy again.

I took your advice, Joyce and Aven, and started the second sock so that I’d remember what I did on the first one’s heel!

Not much else going on – oh, I finished the major knitting on the vest. Just the neckband and armbands now. I’ll try to put up some pictures later!






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