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Crap. I could’ve sworn I’d taken some more photos of knitting…alas, iPhoto tells me otherwise. So just a quick check in on the holiday knitting!

Some Assembly Required – um, lots of assembly still required. The head and arms are done (one hand needs to be sewn into the arm still). Tonight while watching the last 3 episodes of Dexter I knit up the main part of the torso, but there’s still quite a bit to be done! (Also, wow, that was quite an ending.)

French Press slippers – two pairs down, one to go! But I’ll have to wait on the last pair until Wednesday, because I neglected to get two balls of yarn in the last colour. Also, I need to find buttons for all these.

Elf Shoes! I decided to knit up a pair for my little toddler cousin. Now there’s a fast project! The pair of actual boots are done, but I still need to knit up the edging. So much felting this year. And there’s still various socks to knit and things to buy. I’m probably forgetting something!

P.S. For those waiting for news of that red cabled cardigan – it’s done, it’s been worn lots and I love it. But the light hasn’t been so much forthcoming lately so photos have been difficult. The pattern needs a lot of attention too. As soon as all this gift knitting is done! I swear I said I wouldn’t get sucked in, but here we are.







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  1. kmkat Avatar

    Perhaps that knitting photos are still in the camera. I keep instructing my iPhoto to remind me to transfer photos, but so far it hasn’t listened…

  2. Seanna Lea Avatar

    I have a lot of projects I need to get done too. I am very interested in Some Assembly Required, but there is no way I could get that done before the holiday is here!

  3. Laurie in Mpls. Avatar

    Strangely, this post makes me wish that I had people who appreciated my knitting enough to make me *have* holiday knitting. Alas, no such luck. ?!? At least my husband doesn’t look at me *really* strangely when I tell him I’m knitting him a sweater. Perhaps it’s because he has a hard time visualizing that those many balls of string will become something wearable.

    Very definitely waiting on the pictures of the red cabled cardigan. Cables are definitely not on the agenda for any time soon, but the little glimpses you’ve given us a really tantalizing. Such a beautiful red!! Everyone (in the Northern Hemisphere) needs a little red at this time of the year!

  4. Jess Avatar

    Just de-lurking to tell you that love your patterns! :) I just bought a yummy merino/baby alpaca mix in a mottled charcoal grey to make your ruffled scarf. I’m waiting for the cabled cardigan pattern with bated breath! Hopefully the cables are something I can attempt, I’m still pretty new at this.

  5. Kristina Avatar

    Good luck with your holiday knitting!!! I’m almost done with mine * ok so I had like two projects but still they are so close to being finished : )

  6. Anne Lindenfeld Avatar
    Anne Lindenfeld

    Hey, just to add to your plate….

    When can we expect to see the pattern for that gorgeous red sweater?

    BTW, I am finishing up the B-Side Cardigan now. You make the most wonderful patterns and designs. Thank you!


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