down to the wire

Well, the Big Paper is due on Wednesday, so as soon as that’s in I’m sure there’s going to be a whole lotta new stuff going on around here! Although, I still have to study for finals…shhhhhh.

Anyway, I did finally manage to finish a Whitby sock. Shown sans grafting, which of course I did just after I took the picture.

I managed to screw up one of the repeats in the foot (and anyone who has knit these knows that’s nearly impossible!) but I didn’t notice till after it was done. Oh well, it’s staying now. I’ll replicate it on the second sock.

And a new skein. Blue face leicester.

This is much heavier than my usual for some reason – it’s 100g and only 130 yards. I usually get over 200 at least. It’s not much thicker than my usual worsted weights (although it is, by a bit) but I think the real difference is that I didn’t really predraft. So there’s not as much air in there, thus it’s denser. But I kind of like it, it’s heavy and seems like it’d be hard-wearing. Tightly plied, since the singles were pretty tightly spun.

Aaaaand…it’s striping! Quite long repeats, 2 of them, with some blending areas between. There are only 6 colour changes (3 colours x 2 repeats) so it’d be more like a gentle fade.

Apologies for the blurry photos; I’m feeling a bit blurry myself at the moment. Time for bed!



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9 responses to “down to the wire”

  1. Robin Avatar

    Good luck with the paper and the finals!

  2. Theresa Avatar

    I love your Whidby socks, especially the color. I made them in the recommended brown (creative, I know) for a male friend, and they looked, well, masculine. Clearly you have more vision than I do!

    Also love the weaving – so fun to see where that’s going to go! I just got back from a trip to visit a friend’s parents in Scotland – her mom is a weaver and has all these rugs made out of old clothes. Gorgeous and awesome, and so fun to watch them pick out a skirt they wore 10 yrs ago. You’re going to feel that way about your yarn leftovers!

  3. Jen Avatar

    nice socks and nice spinning!

  4. Tanya Avatar

    I love those socks. I love socks in general, but these are awesome.

  5. Dana Avatar

    Beautiful sock! They look very soft and cozy.

  6. Chris Avatar

    The Whitby looks great! And I love the colors and texture of that yarn you spun.

  7. Liz Avatar

    Your spinning looks beautiful, love the colours and the twist.

  8. Brianne Avatar

    The spun yarn is wonderful! I love the color combinations and the texture it has. Great job!

  9. Tipper Avatar

    You have such good color sense. I love the colors of the sock and that yarn.

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