destashing part 2: handspun

destashing part 2 - handspun

Prices are in USD and include shipping to the US and Canada.

Top Row:
L: Lilies. 80% merino, 20% silk; 140 yards, 110 g; bulky/chunky; $20 includes shipping
R: Bubblegum. 100% merino wool; 196 yards, 110 g; bulky; $20 includes shipping

Middle Row:
L: Local Alpaca. 100% Ontario alpaca (not super soft); 205 yards, 100g; worsted/variable; $16 includes shipping
R: Megan. 100% corriedale wool; 160 yards; worsted/chunky; $16 includes shipping

Bottom Row:
L: Cornsilk. 100% ingeo fiber from corn; 110 yards, 85g; worsted/variable; $15 includes shipping
R: Corriedale singles. 100% corriedale wool; 275 yards; worsted/variable; $14 includes shipping

Email me at cosmicpluto at cosmicpluto dot com!

I’ve started assessing and packing up some stuff – I’m planning on doing a slow move, with most of the important stuff (yarn) in plastic bins and some baskets. I’ve got the spinning stuff down to a single bin plus the wheels, fabric is all in one bin as well (plus the serger). Yarn? That’s more than one bin! Um, way more. But I’ve packed up pretty much all the loose skeins now so all of it can really just be put in the car and moved.

And I’ve been knitting a bit, but not much – this little cardigan needs just about an inch of sleeve ribbing. Sheesh! I love the smocked ribbing around the body.

smocked ribbing







3 responses to “destashing part 2: handspun”

  1. Lin Avatar

    That smocked ribbing is sweet! Will we be seeing a pattern for that?

  2. Seanna Lea Avatar

    I love your sleeve trim. I will have to remember it the next time I want to make a tweak to a pattern.

  3. lynette Avatar

    i agree with seanna lea – the sleeve trim is wonderful. i can’t wait to see the whole pattern.

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