debbie downer

1. Camera batteries are dead – I took some using the other camera (sony cybershot) but they’re all blurry. I kind of hate that camera, it never agrees with me! Also,

2. I’ve been working on the pattern for the buttonup raglan – the pattern has been done for ages, but I’m stuck trying to figure out how to make the photos look good AND have the file size be small enough. I’ve got one copy that looks great, but is 5 MB! One that’s quite acceptable is 4 MB, even though the file sizes of the photos themselves are small – under 200 kb. The copy I’ve got at 1.3 MB? The photos kind of suck. They’re not totally terrible, but not as sharp as I’d like. The photos were taken with the aforementioned Cybershot and they’re not that great. Booo.

3. I have two papers due tomorrow (pretty short ones) and neither are done, and both kind of suck. At this point I’m just aiming for completion – they’re both in the word range, I just need to finish off some thoughts and finish the damn things.

4. I want to drop this class I’m taking (language revitalization) but I can’t/won’t because that would mean taking another term. No fucking way.

5. I really want to cast on for the Bubble Sweater from Knitting Nature, but I have SIX sweaters on the needles at the moment, not counting a couple that have undecided futures. At least one is coming OFF the needles, hopefully to be destashed.

6. I want to list a bunch of yarns for destashing but I don’t really have time to take photos or write ’em up. Maybe during reading week.

7. I need a break.







15 responses to “debbie downer”

  1. Nadia Lewis Avatar

    Boo for February in the student life. It’s just that “I don’t care anymore” time, isn’t it?

    I have two books and a movie to eat by tomorrow. Blah. I want to eat blog candy instead.

  2. frecklegirl jess Avatar

    Push on through! Things will look up!

    Hugs! (just think of all of us waiting for our yarn to cast on for Thermal!)

  3. Cambria W Avatar

    Just keep plugging away, a little at a time. I get in way over my head all the time, all. the. time. and it helps to just make a list and do one thing and mark it right off. On to the next. And when all else fails… go for the magic combo, fat…sugar…caffeine. Works every time.

  4. Sarah Avatar

    Yeah, you are definitely not alone in feeling like you need a break. My reading week is looming but it’s going to be anything but relaxing… good luck with the papers!!!

  5. Andrea Avatar

    Six sweaters is an awful lot. I try to limit myself to 2 projects at a time. Otherwise, I’d never complete anything.

  6. Kat Avatar

    Language revitalization? Is that about making people feel guilty for not speaking langauges they don’t want to speak?

  7. Kellie Avatar

    i have been reading your blog for ages (years?!) and seldom comment because othr than saying, mouth hanging open in wonder, “wow!” all the time, i have little to contribute to a knitting ace like yourself, lol! But this afternoon I achieved a long held goal of successfully traversing short-row sock heell thanks to your fabulous short-row tutorial – the whole thing just finally clicked and I am indebted to your selflessness at taking the time to detail the technique for people like myself who struggle without clear visual instruction. you ROCK!! And with regards to school, keep on trucking and it will soon be over. Getting my life back after 6 years at school was FANTASTIC!!!

  8. suzanne Avatar

    You sound like me! Too much to do, papers to complete, so much going on. Six sweaters on the needles!

    I know its a lot now, but I love your designs and school, well, it just has to be finished sometime! I am at the 1/2 way point in a MLIS and…the bloom is off the rose. I am tired of balancing school, work and kids….but I cannot quit now!

  9. Jen Avatar

    URG autofill – please delete that previous comment…it has the wrong email address in it.


  10. gleek Avatar

    :( a sad post! the week’ll be over before you know it! and then maybe the weekend will revitalize you.

  11. Kathy Avatar

    I know how you feel!

  12. dennymcmillan Avatar

    take some cheery pictures why don’t you?

  13. gray la gran Avatar

    well, i cannot help with any of it, but i can sit back in amazement that you have SIX sweaters on the needles !!!! OMG !!!!
    … and i “second” what kellie wrote … you contribute greatly here! cut yourself some slack :)

  14. Dr. Steph Avatar

    Hang in there with the course–it’ll be tough for a few months and then it will be OVER!

    Come knit tonight and relax. It’ll make you feel better.

  15. Jen Avatar

    Hey, do you mind deleting my comment up there that lists an email address as my name? Thanks very much.

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