dear chocolate hearts,

I am so sorry that I poured you while the chocolate was too hot. It was my first time tempering, how was I to know better? The thermometer said I was okay, but you know how it lies. The ice cube tray probably wasn’t the best mold, either.

I know the almond clusters are all shiny and dark and proper after just being thrown together, but I’ll still love you and eat you too. After all, you’ve got the whole shape thing going! I’ll try harder next time, but this whole tempering thing maybe just isn’t working out. After all, I started with great materials (Callebaut 70% couveture), spent so much time, and I ended up with you. You know what? You might become glaze on my heart-shaped flourless chocolate cake instead.

happy valentine’s day,







3 responses to “dear chocolate hearts,”

  1. Gina Avatar

    Happy Valentine’s Day. Good luck with the flourless chocolate cake!

  2. Leigh Avatar

    Wow, what a yummy recipe. And just think, now you have a true knowledge base for the next time you try tempering chocolate.

  3. HibiscuitsGirl Avatar

    Poor chocolate hearts.

    I tried making chocolate covered strawberries–a no-brainer, right? But in a fit of frugality I bought generic chocolate chips and first it didn’t melt, then it FRIED in a DOUBLE BOILER (what the heck?), and then it melted suddenly into a nasty gritty mush. It was disgusting. Moral: Buy good chocolate.

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