I have a surprise for you! A brand new pattern available for free in Knitty – the Darrin cardigan!

Perfect knitting for the summer since it is knit in a couple easy pieces (that aren’t huge to carry around with you), Darrin is a relaxed, cozy tunic length cardigan with a ribbed belt.

Darrin cardigan

Darrin cardigan

Darrin cardigan

Add Darrin to your faves and queue on Ravelry! Lots more photos there, too.

Special thanks to Jasmine Cirjanic for her awesome work as a model, and Kelbourne Woolens for their gorgeous Road to China Light!



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8 responses to “Darrin!”

  1. Victoria Avatar

    I love this pattern! But I think I am being a bit slow with sizing. I have looked at the sizing, the size the model is wearing and the schematic and I am still a bit confused. The finished measurement suggests that it includes the crossover- so 34inches would give 31inches around the bust and a three inch cross over? However I am struggling to see how that fits with the schematic or the photo, in which the model has it open at the bust with no cross over at all! Sorry if I am asking the daftest question, but would you be able to explain how the various measurements correspond?

    Sorry for the long question and congrats again on the design. I am very keen to get knitting!

  2. laura (cosmicpluto) Avatar

    Victoria – the finished measurement of 34 inches takes the 3 inch crossover into account, so with the sweater open it would measure about 37 inches. On the model it is being worn quite loosely, not fitted at the sides of the bust, but it can easily be overlapped at the front.


  3. rozie Avatar

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  4. Leah Avatar

    Wow, that’s lovely! A perfect cover-up for my desert climate wardrobe.

  5. Victoria Avatar

    Wow, thank you for such a speedy reply! That is much clearer. I think I probably just had a tired Friday brain. Now to choose some yarn…

  6. yarndancer Avatar

    I love this cardigan! Actually I love all your patterns, and this one is just gorgeous!

  7. Knittripps Avatar

    Lovely once again! Your sweaters designs are so beautiful and simple. I am adding it to my queue right now.

  8. Rachel Avatar

    I absolutely love this cardi, Laura :) Beautiful!

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