Darn that financial situation.

I’ve decided that I should exchange the Koigu Kersti that I bought to knit a top-down raglan sweater. It’s beauuutiful, but I really can’t justify that kind of money for one project, when I can trade in 4 skeins of it for a whole 10 balls of Mission Falls wool, which is also lovely (and superwash!). A few skeins are already wound into balls though, so I’ll just have to make some mittens and hats from it :) I’ll just exchange it back with the store as I need to, starting with some Mission Falls wool for a sweater on Friday, the next day I’m in.

Still working away on the eyelet skirt – I’m up to the eyelet section of the second half, so I should be done tomorrow or Thursday. I also need to do the crochet edging for Charlotte’s Web – problem is that I definitely don’t have enough of the last colour to do the edging with, so I’ll either have to do one of the other colours or get a new skein. The colours that I used, from top to bottom, are a yellow, a green, a brownish-orange, a burgundy, and a blue. I think maybe I’ll use the green for the edging.

sweet fibery dreams~






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