crazy pace

Okay. I really must get to bed soon! Must type faster!

I just wove in the ends on the tall socks and the manos cardi, so tomorrow night I’ll give the cardi a nice soak & spin (along with my other sweaters that need to be washed) and block it out. As an aside, I find that I’m wearing the sweaters I’ve knit this season a ton – mainly the must have and the jo sharp silkroad cardigan. They’re so easy to wear and actually keep me warm.

Anyway, I’ve yet to start Betty but I’m hoping to, tomorrow night. The knitting is easy and it’s not all that much fabric, so I’m hoping it’ll work up quickly. I also want to work on the Urban Aran, but I’ve got more pressing matters – studying. I’ve got an exam on the 21st worth 33% of my botany mark, and I’d really like to not fail. So knitting may be limited over the next week. That’s not to say I don’t have knitting goals as well, though.

I worked on the Lorna’s Laces sock a tiny bit and am oh, about halfway through the cuff. It’s so pretty and feels so nice!

Ooooh, Kelly (and anyone else interested) – Lantern Moon needles are in the shop now, along with a bunch of their other stuff. I’ve already got my size 1 double points and they are beauuuutiful.






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