Cozy in Osprey

It’s the first day of spring. The weather is completely dreary and it snowed while I walked to the grocery store, but we made it!

I might still need to wrap myself up in this sweater for awhile still, though.

cozy in Osprey

cozy in Osprey

I took these photos in a bit of a rush, they’re not great – I probably should’ve put on some lipstick, hm?

Yarn: Quince & Co Osprey in Pea Coat

Pattern: My own. Bottom-up oversized raglan with knit-in seed stitch borders, i-cord edges, a little waist shaping and a nice long collar. I didn’t do buttonholes, with the intention of putting in a zipper. We’ll see how long it takes me to get around to that! I’m not sure if I’ll write this one up – it’s quite basic, and I’m sure there are very similar sweater patterns out there already.

cozy in Osprey

I didn’t notice that line across the back yoke (dye lot difference, I guess, even though I bought all the yarn at the same time) until I was looking at the photos just now, but it won’t bother me.

cozy in Osprey

cozy in Osprey

I love seed stitch!




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12 responses to “Cozy in Osprey”

  1. Diane Clark Avatar
    Diane Clark

    What a great sweater…love the simple styling and practicality. You did a lovely job.

  2. Allison Avatar

    That looks very cozy, but definitely more elegant that a sweatshirt!

  3. Diane Fuller Avatar
    Diane Fuller

    I actually thought you did have lipstick on. You and the sweater both look great!

  4. Penelope Avatar

    Love the style! Didn’t even notice the line!

  5. Caroline aka FiberTribe Avatar
    Caroline aka FiberTribe

    It’s beautiful. I do hope you’ll write it up, though. It’s your combination of details that make it so special. It would take me quite a lot of work to put this together even one-tenth as elegantly as you have! And I double-love zipped cardigans.

  6. diana wessel Avatar
    diana wessel

    I love seed stitch too. I hope you write a pattern because this is a great cardigan/jacket.

  7. Diane Avatar

    I agree with previous comments…I hope you do decide to write this up. I and just finishing a similar sweater but I love this one so much more! Pleeeeease?? :)

  8. diana wessel Avatar
    diana wessel

    I think the Diana/Diane’s are right…we need a pattern!

  9. chris horne Avatar
    chris horne

    I think the sweater is gorgeous and you should write up the pattern.

  10. Barbara Avatar

    No there are not of other jacket cardigans quite like this one. Please write it up. Your patterns are extraordinarily well written!

  11. Stephanie Gale Avatar
    Stephanie Gale

    PLEASE write up a pattern!!! (with buttonholes). There is NOTHING out there like this. It’s classic with an edge, and flattering for so many body types. I’ve been searching for this for years! PLEASE!!!

  12. Dolly Avatar

    I join my voice to the requesting crowd. Please write up a pattern with your exquisite details. Love your work and choice of colors.

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