While I’m being a copycat, Adrian’s lovely feather and fan shawl inspired me to do one of my own, in my handspun.

Much farther along than in this photo, but this one had daylight! I’m using this pattern and four colourways of my handdyed handspun – except for one that was a not-dyed-by-me roving.

Shawl pattern tomorrow. Seriously, it’s so simple it hardly calls for one. And I keep meaning to do some bloggy tweaks around here, but I never get around to it!







4 responses to “copycat”

  1. Jill Avatar

    Maybe you should remain your blog ‘shawlcrazy’!

  2. Chris Avatar

    Hee hee – Jill’s on the right track there!

    I love the sunlit shawl and can hardly wait to see more of it!

  3. Cheryl Avatar

    What a wonderful colorway! Love it!

  4. Brenda Avatar

    I think I will do your shawl in left over sock yarn. If I do as many Koigu patterns instruct – start second colour before finishing the first, then go back and finish the first, it will look less ordinarily stripy and be a fun reminder of my sock knitting. Or be butt ugly. We’ll see. Looking forward to the pattern.

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