I had a reeeeally rough day yesterday. Even worse than usual. Today’s only slightly better. I’ve still got SO MUCH work to do. I’m on break until 9 pm now, though – dinner, Enterprise, and knitting all at once.

I’ve finished the two sleeves of my Jo Sharp cardi, and have cast on for the body. I hope I can get through it quickly, because I’d really like a new sweater! Must Have has been on hold for a bit, but I can just sort of pick it up whenever to work a few rows. No progress on my grandfather’s scarf, but I have made another decision – I’m going to make a hat for my cousin M. He’s 16 (I think…), very into music, and punky. I was going to make him a black scarf, but I changed my mind and am going to use some Mission Falls 1824 Cotton to do a ribbed cap. Should be pretty easy.

I also really want to cast on for my cousin T’s sideways scarf as well – it would use 8mm needles and be really skinny so there’d be a lot less knitting than my grandfather’s scarf. But, but, but….I’ll wait until I finish something else. Mini-charlotte maybe?






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