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Currently at school, killing time – I got out of a three-hour lecture after only one hour! And it was the second last lecture of the course, to boot! I’ve started a new project, a skirt for my little sister, but I only did the waistband and don’t have the right needles for the body of the skirt, so I can’t work on that anymore.

Now that the secret gift’s been given, I can reveal it – not that it was allll that exciting:

A Clapotis! It’s knit with 3 skeins of Cotton Fleece in “Provincal Rose” and it’s very nice. I want one now – a full size one (the one I have is DK weight and skinnier) but I don’t want to knit it. I think I’m done with that pattern, at least for awhile.

It’s for a friend who’s leaving for France this week!

Now, I’m a bit sleepy because I had a pint this afternoon (and still have a lecture to attend this evening) so maybe I’ll take a break from the computer.

Later (or tomorrow): new yarn! I didn’t break my yarn diet; it was purchased before the start of the diet and only just showed up.



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  1. susi Avatar

    *grin* ;D thanks again, laura! i love it! i’m glad you didn’t go with the olive colour i said, lol

    and sorry it wasn’t so exciting… i was kinda tired from waking up early =

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