Oh, Brother

Meet my new sewing machine!

New sewing machine!

It’s a really inexpensive Brother XL2800. I agonized over what machine to get, but in the end I just went with something easy that’ll get the job done. I haven’t sewn much with it yet, but so far it seems just fine – smooth, tension takes adjustments well, good selection of stitches (that I’ll probably never use!). I cut and sewed up another Wiksten tank muslin, which went just fine. Ah, the speed and ease of a machine!

another wiksten seam

It’s a bit too tight across the bust, unfortunately, even without a bra and before the neck and armhole bindings. So, I won’t be finishing this one, but at least I know that I need to cut a larger size or use a different fabric. I rarely buy or wear woven fabric tops anyway, so I think next I’ll try one in a jersey. Just need to pick up some ballpoint needles first!

I don’t have a lot of time to spend tinkering with sewing right now anyway, because I have waaaaay too many knitting projects to work on, and yarn on the way for more! Some have external deadlines, but mostly I’ve just got a bad case of startitis.

Socks that Rock

Socks that Rock in Neptune.

too many projects

A big mess on my desk!

Garden update – the front window is FULL of plants (check out the tomatoes on the right, they got huge so fast). I want to believe the chance of frost is past now, but who knows with this winter. I’ll wait till our safe planting date of May 24 before I even think about moving stuff outside. I’m in the process of hardening off most of the tomato plants now, giving them some outdoor sun and wind time so they can get used to it.

window jungle


The peas are finally up, after being planted outside over 2 weeks ago. They’re so cute!

Monday Sights and Sounds

snowy monday

snowy monday

It’s a good day to stay in and work on laying out a new pattern.

purse sock

I haven’t knit Dale a new pair of socks in awhile, but these ones have seen some good action lately by living in my purse. They’re Malabrigo Sock, which I know doesn’t hold up well – I’ve knit 2 pairs in it before, and have darned each individual sock twice! They’re so so soft and pretty though.

so many triangles

Trying to get some progress in on my triangle quilt. I finally pulled out the batting and figured out how many triangles I need in each strip, and then of course I realized that I had cut nowhere near enough.

As for the sounds, here’s a local band I’m kind of obsessed with! Saw them in person back in November and bought a tape, yes, a cassette tape! We don’t have a tape player in the house, only in the car, so I don’t get to listen to it much. Cheery and poppy for a snowy Monday.

Friday Snapshot


Wrapped a little extra batting around my basil plant since it’s so cold by the window.

needle books

Needle books – the top one was given to me by my friend Denny, the bottom one I cobbled together back in high school. (The pages are made from this horrible poly fleece that I made a pair of wide-legged pants out of. Yikes, the static!)

new sweater

Started a new cardigan yesterday, in Zen Yarn Garden superwash merino – colour is Romi’s Garden.


Thinking of resurrecting this long-term handspun log cabin blanket. I have a few skeins of black that I think I might just knit on there as a border and call it done.

Happy Friday!