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Wow, lots of comments on the Manos! I gotta admit, I love comments. Onto some answers to questions!

Monica asked what colo(u)rway the Manos is – it’s 106. Definitely a favourite now!

Marie and Erin wanted to know what pattern I’m using. Well, the answer is, I’m not really using a pattern. I love top-downs mainly because you don’t really need one! It’s sort of a la glampyre, but her cardi pattern is a) for a lighter weight yarn and b) steeked. So here’s how I’m working mine…

I cast on 87 stitches and worked 1×1 rib back and forth, beginning and ending with a knit stitch, for about an inch or so. Then I knit across half the front stitches (15), place marker, knit across sleeve stitches (13), place marker, knit across back stitches (31), place marker, sleeve (13), place marker, half the front stitches (15). Then you just work in stockinette stitch flat, keeping the first and last 5 stitches in garter st, and increasing on either side of each marker on every right side row until the sleeve can meet under your arm. Put the sleeve stitches on holders, and cast on an inch or so of stitches under the arm, and keep knitting back and forth until the body’s as long as you want. I haven’t gotten to the sleeves yet, so I don’t know how I’m going to do the decreases. I can write this up into an actual pattern when I’m done if anyone is interested.

Anyway, I seem to have been rather busy the last two days because I haven’t knit much. I’m up to the increases on the body of the Retro Prep, and the Manos cardigan has begun the foray into a solid colour. The vest is all done except for weaving in the ends and blocking…you know, I should get to that. I want to work on the socks, too.

So many projects, so little time!

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