cables untangled: cotton raglan errata

Mmmmmmm cables.

I got Cables Untangled by Melissa Leapman after Christmas – Indigo was having a 30% off hardcover books sale. I’m so happy I picked it up – it is a fabulous book. I had bought all this organic wool from work a little while before, in a nice oatmeal shade, and was planning on doing an aran sweater with it. Lo and behold, here was one just perfect!

I am slightly worried that I won’t have enough yarn – I have 7 skeins of the organic wool, but that’s less than what the book calls for. We’ll have to see. I’m already about 6″ up the back of the sweater! And I have quite a bit left on my first ball of yarn.

The errata? Well, see in the straight columns, how they’re kind of messed up at the bottom compared to the last 4 inches or so, and compared to the book? Well, that’s because when I started out I followed the chart. And the chart has a big honkin’ mistake in it.

So here it is: All the right and left twist stitches should be the same as in row 1 of the chart.

They’re written as alternating each RS row, but that doesn’t give you the straight columns as in the photos. Luckily that was pretty easily figured out – I’m leaving the alternating twists at the bottom because I don’t want to rip it out. Design feature, and all that. And the good news is that the chart is very easily memorized once you’ve set it up.

Hurrah, I’m actually on track to get to bed earlier tonight!

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12 responses to “cables untangled: cotton raglan errata”

  1. Fríða Avatar

    beautiful pattern! reg. yarn amount; wool is of course a lot lighter than cotton, so you need fewer skeins + a tip I use: when you´re done with the back up to armholes, you are about 25% done, so you should have about 75% of your yarn left.
    my best from Iceland

  2. britt Avatar

    looks cool so far. i was wondering how good that book was.

  3. Susan Avatar

    It’s looking great! Those types of cables (I forget the name, it’s early in the morning) are my favorites.

    I love that book, too. There are many exciting projects in it.

  4. lynn Avatar

    i sit in complete awe of you being able to get through all that you do while being in school full time! i… am not so good at such things. i did try making your lentil burger recipe last night and they were a hit. thanks so much for all the inspiration! i shall be back to admire some more soon, soon, soon.

  5. rfg Avatar

    That is coming out beautifully! I love the textrue.

  6. gleek Avatar

    oh my god! i love those cables! especially that detail right up the raglan line. gorgeous.

  7. jessie Avatar

    I’m curious — how do you find the o-wool to work with? I’ve been eyeing it up for a month or so…

  8. Esther Avatar

    wow its beautiful!!! can’t wait to see you finish it :)

  9. Siri Avatar

    That is one SERIOUSLY luscious sweater, especially in the yarn you chose to use.

  10. Stéphanie Avatar

    Lovely sweater !! And that’s one more on the needles ! :)

  11. Amy Avatar

    I did that sweater. Just finished it actually. I used cascade sierra, and didn’t add the neck. I just picked up stitches and did 1×1 rib. I love it. It is the first sweater that I have made that fits correctly!

  12. Bonnie Zink Avatar

    Fabulous work!! I have just cast this sweater on. I’m using Superwash Bamboo on 4.5mm needles. The yarn is a wool / bamboo blend that is soft and luscious. It is lighter than a typical cotton, therefore I’m using slightly smaller needles. I can’t wait until it is finished.

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