Not all that much going on here – that university education takes up a lot of time, dangit!

I’m about 8.5″ up the back of Katy – I’m lengthening the body for sure, as I don’t think 12.25″ is long enough to the underarm shaping! I’m contemplating making the armhole longer too, but that involves looking at the cap shaping on the sleeves…well, I’ll think about it. It’s working up really nicely in the Cotton Fleece – I don’t know if I’d want something bulkier for this. And everything but the cabling row is pretty mindless, and therefore quick!

I finished the first Irving Park sock already – yeah, I know, that was fast even for me! I’m really getting into the subway knitting thing, as I used to just sleep on that 30 minute ride. Although…this morning I tried to knit but decided to rest me eyes instead. At any rate, knitting on the subway is occurring.

I did what I thought was a pretty long cuff on the first sock, and it turned out a nice length considering the maximum stretch of the cast-on, but I’ve got tons of yarn left over.

See the start of the second sock there? That’s still the first ball of yarn! For my next Lorna’s Laces pair (in the “Vera” colourway), I’m going to do knee socks, top down. I’ll see how much mileage I get out of the rest of the first skein on these ones and extrapolate from there. Oh, and I think I’ll go down to 60 stitches for the next sock; although these are great, they could be snugger.

I’ve started the second sleeve of Cloud finally, and I hope to have the entire thing done this weekend!



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5 responses to “cable-licious”

  1. grumperina Avatar

    Wow, you worked up that Lorna’s Laces sock mighty quick! I love that it striped for you (because you know it can come out quite… interesting). Even socks for my grandma’s huge footsies took about a skein and a half of Lorna’s, so I won’t be surprised if you can get a pair of knee socks out of two. Good luck!

  2. Wanda Avatar

    The Lorna’s Laces makes some nice colors and that did work up pretty quick, even for 4 hours of knittin gtime. You really knit quickly!

  3. Allison Avatar

    I’m making Lorna’s Laces socks right now. I wanted to do them toe up but the person I’m making them for has really bony heels and definately needs the reinforcement of a heel flap. So I did a provisional cast on, knit the foot and then, knit up the leg until the yarn ran out. I couldn’t stand the thought of wasting perfectly good yarn.

  4. Samantha Avatar

    Thos cables are GORGEOUS! The socks are great too! :) Enjoy that university education — it’ll be over before you know it.

  5. Jenn Avatar

    I love the socks you’ve been making. I have that same color of Knitpicks you showed, and I have the Vera colorway on my Lorna’s Laces want list.

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