Damn, it’s cold. Would’ve been a perfect day to wear my oatmeal top-down raglan, but I haven’t gotten around to trying to stretch it out again.

My Highland Wool has been bought by Leanne (I think), so yay! I also received a refund from Helloknitty.com – I’d ordered a couple balls of fixation from them but hadn’t heard anything about it being shipped. So I emailed and asked for my money to be refunded if it hadn’t gone yet. So now I’ll have some money in my Paypal account to put towards that Elann order, although that also means I need to get another four balls of Esprit for Mon Petit Chou. Ah well, at least I didn’t end up paying so much more for the Fixation.

What else…not much going on, I’m working on a project that I miiiiight submit to Knitty’s fall issue depending on how it turns out. So I can’t blog about that. But there will hopefully be some other progress and non-boring entries soon…

…might have to be after my big test on Monday, though.

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