button, button

So I hit up Courage My Love, THE wicked best place to get buttons, and I bought buttons. Alas, not checking button hole size before buying buttons results in too-big buttons. So I’ll have to get some new ones, but I don’t really forsee getting back down there for awhile (and Friday I’m working and probably won’t be able to get away during their working hours). I’ll check Fabricland tomorrow (which is near me) and maybe the store on the corner near lettuce on Friday.

In the meanwhile, here’s a blocking shot. I’ve tried it on and the fit is perfect! And the sleeves caps fit too, hooray.

New project: Vintage Pink Cardigan, from an old Interweave. Mine’s blue, although not quite as eye-searing as in the photo (sunlight, y’know). Rowan wool cotton, bought from Jannette on eBay. Lovely stuff. First sleeve is now done.

New yarn: pink with sparklies!

I’m trying to blog really fast. More tomorrow!






3 responses to “button, button”

  1. Steph Avatar

    Thanks for the button tips. Though I didn’t measure my buttonholes this morning.

    Love the pink sparklies too.

  2. Chris Avatar

    Can hardly wait to see the modeled shot.

    I’m a bit disappointed that the new sweater isn’t the electric royal blue of the picture. :)

  3. Carey Avatar

    Oh, such a tease… I can JUST make out the tippy-top of the medallion…

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