busy bee

lots o' garter stitch

Currently working on heaps o’ garter stitch, out of handspun – a very nice experience indeed.

Between lots of work hours, writing patterns and design stuff, the garden, and the whole trying to have some semblance of a social life, it’s been busy times around here the last few weeks.

I’m feeling a rather intense desire to cast on for new things, but even more than that, trying to finish the things I’ve got going! The pile of projects is heaped so high that it’s been interesting trying to dig myself out. I did finally finish a big project, but I can’t show you now – soon, soon.

And I did finish a sock.

olive sock

Olive Lorna’s Laces shepherd sock, basic sock pattern, for the boy. But that just means that I have another sock yet to go! This one took me a long time, too.

So, the plan is to try to stick to one project at a time and power through some FOs in the next little while. A bunch are presents, which of course sucks for blogging, but it’ll feel nice to actually finish something within a reasonable amount of time.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I did have a nice day, saw Hairspray (fun) and had some partying down at knit night, but dinner was a bit of a bust – we got there after the movie, ordered, and then I started feeling quite sick and we had to leave. Took two of the dishes to go (they’d been prepared already) and ended up eating them later, at snb. So I’ll have to try going again sometime, after I’ve talked to my naturopath about the whole thing (it’s happened more than once and is pretty darn disruptive).

Anyway, I got me some fabulous pressies. From megan, a hand-sewn quilted apron out of very pretty Amy Butler fabric:

apron from megan

And from Denny, a sweet little needle book and crochet hook case for my new yarn-manipulating craft.

pressies from denny

Both are vintage fabrics and so pretty!

Tomorrow – the birthday yarn and plans for it!



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2 responses to “busy bee”

  1. Vicki Avatar

    Great presents! Glad you had a wonderful birthday. Love the garter in the handspun. Isn’t it wonderful knitting with handspun?

  2. Suzanne V. (Yarnhog) Avatar

    Great gifts. Are you eating anything at the theater that could account for the sick feeling later? Popcorn with fake butter? Soda with fake sugar? Nachos with fake cheese?

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