brilliant blue

round yoke cardigan

Off the needles! The yoke went very quickly, as it usually does – the first few inches take forever, but the decrease rows are highly satisfying. This one took 8 skeins of Koigu KPPPM. Sadly I’m not feeling very photogenic lately (nor is the weather cooperating) but as soon as I get some buttons I’ll try to get a pile of FO shots!

Meanwhile, I’m considering the next sweater project – Malabrigo Twist perhaps?

YIP: March 31



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8 responses to “brilliant blue”

  1. Patty Avatar

    In looking (and longing) for this sweater did you really knit 7 stitches to the inch? Single strand…I want this sweater so bad but the gauge may be the killer for me. Please say you doubled the yarn. It is stunning none the less. Just stunning.

  2. Mildawg Avatar

    Oh boy! A sweater in that malabrigo would be absolutely fantastic.

  3. mary Avatar

    the blue is gorgeous. and I might even be able to suck up 7 st/in to knit it – cannot wait for the pattern. and agree with mildawg – mal twist has recently arrived in my LYS and I would love to knit a sweater from it.

  4. Seanna Lea Avatar

    Beautiful and at 8 skeins it shouldn’t break the bank (especially for those of us who always substitute).

  5. YarnAddict Avatar

    Love the blue colour. so vibrant.

  6. Laura Avatar

    That is a GORGEOUS color of Koigu! Yum! And those untouched skeins of Malabrigo are calling my name. Sometimes I wish I could just knit all day.

  7. Alice Avatar

    Wow, that blue is so vibrant and beautiful! I’m also in love with the Twist color combo you’ve got goin’ on there!

  8. Marcy Avatar

    I must say, I like the look of finer gauge garments; they drape so nicely, and as I get older, I really appreciate a lighter-weight garment. I’m so just afraid to start! My worsted weight projects take forever, it seems, and I can’t imagine taking even longer.

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