Pattern: BPT by Rebecca Hatcher, from Knitty
Yarn: Malabrigo worsted in “Azul Profundo”, 5 skeins
Needles: Denise US 7
Finished: December 29, 2005

Yay! Finally done and it feels so good! I put in the zipper today, and it wasn’t too bad although it isn’t perfect – there’s a bit of a ripple, and sort of a point at the bottom. I think it’s fine though, and I usually wear my sweaters half done up, so you can’t really see anything wrong.
The yarn, Malabrigo, is gorgeous. Although it did have a vinegar-y smell initially, it went away with washing – and I’m no stranger to vinegar, since I use it all the time in dyeing. I alternated skeins, which was a pain but worth it – no strange pools or blobs anywhere. I know the yarn isn’t going to hold up too well, but I’ll get me a sweater shaver. It’s soooo soft and warm.

Oh, and – I obviously didn’t do the hood, as I don’t really like hoods and didn’t have enough yarn anyway. Actually, I didn’t do anything for the neck – it’s just the cast on edge! Looks fine, so that’s the way it’s staying!

I’ve got another FO, too – the blue sky bulky from my previous post has become a nice cushy scarf for me.

I used 2 skeins of brown with US 17 needles, 8 stitches in 1×1 rib. It’s long enough to wrap around twice. I probably knit and ripped this thing about 5 times, because I just couldn’t get the right combination of needles, number, and stitch pattern! However, since the yarn is so very bulky, it always worked back up in no time at all.

On the demise of the retro ribs: it just was doing it for me. I think it was a little too much work for not a lot of payoff – the pattern just wasn’t popping the way I wanted, and I hated all that ktbl and purling, really. Ah well. I’m thinking maybe the Friday Harbour socks (from Knitting on the Road) for that yarn.

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13 responses to “BPT FO”

  1. grumperina Avatar

    “Profundo” indeed!!! Hahaha! How did they come up with that color name?!? Lovely sweater, it looks great on you, and I know the yarn is heavenly. A sweater shaver is a girl’s best friend for this one ;)

  2. Wanda Avatar

    BPT looks great and I agree, I’m not one for hoods. It looks great as is.

  3. Karma Avatar

    I adore BPT. But maybe you should rename it MAP or something. I wish I could touch it and try it on. And I agree that this cardi looks fabulous without a hood. More versatile, too.

  4. Rebekkah Avatar

    BPT looks great! I was trying to figure out how you only used 5 skeins, until I saw that you didn’t knit the hood. That would do it.

    I’m wearing my BPT now. My favorite soft, cozy sweater.

  5. Dani Avatar

    Looks great Laura! Isn’t the malabrigo heaven?

  6. Roxanne Avatar

    What a lovely sweater! Well done!

  7. Jenna Avatar

    About the Friday Harbor socks – I’ve cast on and frogged these about 3 times! First of all, there’s a bunch of erratta for them. Second, the cuff was WAY too small for my foot! I think the pattern calls for size 2 needles, and even with size 3 it wouldn’t get over my heel. I was using Mountain Colors Bearfoot, which I think is less elastic than most sock yarns. Anyway, something to think about :)

  8. Lynn Avatar

    Gawgeous! Love the yarn color!

  9. Lisa D. Avatar

    Great sweater – love it without a hood, love the yarn and the fit is perfect!

  10. Erica Avatar

    Glad to see BPT without a hood. I’m going to do it that way, as well. Looks great!


  11. Bonne Marie Avatar

    What a cool look! Here’s to one of the best and most adventurous knitters online – I wish you a Happy New Year!

    Those Soft yarns: I just started something using Manos and had the same feeling – it’s so soft but I’m skeerrred of the Pilling… Sometimes it takes a couple of washings then it calms down – I have my fingers crossed for both of us… :)

  12. Chris Avatar

    I love your BPT – it looks great. Happy New Year!

  13. Jenna Avatar

    An update on the Friday Harbor socks, if you’re interested – I modified the pattern and using size 2s I cast on 70 stitches (instead of 50) and added 2 repeats of the cuff pattern, then decreased to 61 stitches for the rest of the leg (so there were a couple more sections of k2p2 rib). The sock is fitting perfectly! Looking forward to seeing yours, if you decide to try it out.

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