bit like a dream

Hey y’all! I just got back from my 6-day jaunt to NYC last night, and it was SUPER AWESOME. I had so much fun, walked allllll around and ate everything in sight. At some points it felt like I would never want to eat again, but we all know how that goes. I’m gonna have to split up my adventure into a few blog posts with lots of photos!

Today: Thursday and Friday.

Left Toronto mid-morning and got to NY Penn Station around 1:30. First thing to do? Eat, of course (pretty much why I went to NYC). We hit up No.7 Sub while still dragging around luggage since it’s near the station! I had General Tso’s Tofu and my companion had the Eggplant Parm. DELICIOUS!

the very first thing

Dropped off stuff at the hotel and went a’walking. The hotel was really well situated on E. Houston, right on the subway and really accessible for walking to different neighbourhoods. Spent some time at the MOMA design store and Sur La Table, just randomly poking around in Soho and Nolita. One cool place I stumbled upon was Kiosk, a really interesting sorta random stuff store up a mysterious staircase. One of the things I really loved about this trip to NYC was seeing really cool design stuff and the love of good design in general.



Had delicious Motorino pizza for dinner then just kept walking the evening away! I think we had Pinkberry on St Marks Pl for dessert.

motorino pizza

Seriously the pizza is so good. I went twice in 5 days.

Friday morning breakfast was coffee and beautiful pastries at Ceci-Cela on Spring. I’d say it was the best croissant I’ve had outside France.


Walked walked walked and ended up on the High Line, an elevated railroad track that’s been converted to a beautiful urban park.

meatpacking district

the high line

There’s a nice sitting area with basically a viewing platform over traffic with a great view.


Ended up at the craziness (and deliciousness) that is Eataly for lunch – took a little while to figure out what was going on. It was super crowded! It’s basically a large marketplace with different areas for different foods (like meats, cheeses, baked goods, pasta) and sit-down eating areas. Lunch at La Verdure (Eataly’s vegetarian/vegetable focused restaurant area) was amazing.

Roasted peppers stuffed with perfect risotto.

lunch at eataly

One of many cheese cases.

Took the subway across to Brooklyn and wandered for awhile, and ended up spending a few nice relaxing hours chilling with beer at Bierkraft in Park Slope – great beers on tap and tons in bottles too, and there’s a nice communal seating area for drinking your purchased beer!


Chilly stroll along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade at sunset, then we waited outside in the FREEZING COLD (seriously the entire trip was freezing) for 40 minutes to have pizza at Grimaldi’s under the Brooklyn Bridge.

brooklyn heights promenade


Walked back to Manhattan across the Brooklyn Bridge – the view was lovely at night, but again, super cold!

brooklyn bridge

brooklyn bridge

And then upon getting out of the subway at Spring St, we found a lovely tiny chocolate shop with a comfy couch that had chocolate cake, hot chocolate and lovely tea. Ahh, perfect.



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12 responses to “bit like a dream”

  1. Penny Peberdy Avatar

    Never, ever look at great food pictures when it’s dinner time and you haven’t even started cooking…

  2. kingshearte Avatar

    General Tao sub? That sounds awesome!

  3. caroline Avatar

    what a wonderful trip! I’m taking notes for my next trip to NYC.

  4. Elizabeth Avatar

    What a wonderful way to let us enjoy your trip! I’ve driven through NYC several times, but never had the time to stop and take any of it in. Thanks.

  5. Chelette Avatar

    Aswesome.. I LOVE NYC

  6. thea Avatar

    Sounds like a great weekend — making me want to take the bus down SOON and eat all the same things you did….. Lovely pics!

  7. Madeline Avatar

    Your trip sounds lovely! I am going to NYC next month and I can’t wait!

  8. Jen Avatar

    I really enjoy following your blog, looks like some delish food and good times…your pictures are beautiful!!

  9. SnowCat MacDobhran Avatar
    SnowCat MacDobhran

    Wanna know the secret for always being able to pick the Brooklyn Bridge out of photos? The openings look like two upright bunny ears (as seen in the Brooklyn Bunny site)

  10. Maryse Avatar

    Just looking at the food, I think I can smell it! The first two days seem incredible already! I’ve never been to NYC…

  11. Katie Avatar

    Wow – that sounds like HEAVEN. Except for the cold part.

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