belly party


Following a rather mad dash to the finishing line (involving me spending pretty much an entire week knitting squares to fill in the gaps) the ladies of the lettuce knit SnB presented our three preggers ladies with blankets!

Jen, Joyce, and Mel got heaps of presents and lots of handknits, obviously! I, being the genuis that I am, forgot to photograph my finished wee sweaters before I gifted them, so perhaps the ladies would be so kind as to send me something to post?

(more photo on my flickr.)

The rush of blanket finishing plus working and all that left little time for other fibrey pursuits, but I finally brought my wheel home from the store (it had been living there for wheel classes for the last six weeks or so) and have been slowly returning to the spinning. If I’m going to make it to Rhinebeck, I’d better spin up at least part of all that fibre I bought last year!

The crocheted red skirt (herringbone skirt from Knitscene) is thisclose to being done – definitely time for an FO around here! In the meanwhile, I’ve been playing with another toy this week…


That pile of noodles was actually just test flour-water dough to clean out the machine – we made tortellini filled with ricotta and basil, with fresh homemade tomato sauce with tomatoes from the garden, of course! Does anyone know where I can buy or borrow a pressure canner from? It would be oh so much faster than the boiling water canner once I start canning (I’m currently gearing up for it, the tomatoes are coming in pretty fast).

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7 responses to “belly party”

  1. jen Avatar

    Any appliance needs can usually be found at thrift stores. People get them as wedding or housewarming gifts and then get rid of them, unused, 10 years later. Waffle irons, pressure canners, slow cookers, etc. Check the thrift stores in your area – maybe call around first to save some time – one of them will have at least one, I’m sure.

  2. Suzanne V. (Yarnhog) Avatar

    Great blankets! I’d love to see the sweaters, too. You’ve lost me on the pasta, though. I looked at the picture and thought, “Wow–that’s some odd ribbon yarn…”

  3. Julia Avatar

    Wow, so impressed over her that you’re making your own pasta. And your own sauce!! So cool.

    The baby blankets are all really gorgeous, I love the colors.

  4. Julia Avatar

    Whoops, make that “over here” not “over her”.

  5. Melissa Avatar

    Love the blankets, and those mamma’s to be look so happy to recieve them. I just found out my only sis is pregnant too so now I have an excuse to make all the cute baby projects I’ve been seeing!
    Wow, homemade pasta and you can stuff too!
    Is there anything you can’t do?!
    You’re brilliant!

  6. KimT Avatar

    beautiful blankets for the new mommies!

  7. Kathryn Avatar

    Ok, I’ve seen the belly in the middle at The Harlott book signing, um and else where too. I thought she was going to burst then! I hope she’s due soon!!

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