be safe

Others have said it much better than I, so I’ll leave it at that.

I know I’ve been pretty lax on the posting lately, mainly because I just don’t have time! I finished the inclass portion of driving school this week, and the incar starts next week! Eek!

Meanwhile I’ve started (and hope to finish shortly) a quick project – mon petit chou (the bottoms) from knitty.

I know I’ve made mistakes in it, especially in the back short rows, but meh. I’m thinking that when I lace up the sides, I’ll figure out what the right length for the laces is and then cut and sew the ends together, rather than having bows. Then maybe I can actually wear these under clothes – going to line the “between-leg interlude”, too.

I’ve also been sllllooooowly working on the wrappy sweater (minisweater v.2).

Slowly coming along also are the go with the flow socks – they aren’t going with the flow very quickly, that’s for sure. Although when I actually work on it, it goes pretty quickly…hm, maybe that’s the thing!



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3 responses to “be safe”

  1. Jessica Avatar

    Mon Petit Chou is looking great. I knit it in a very similar color. Although it sure wasn’t a quick project for me.

  2. Jenn Avatar

    Ooh la la! Those are looking very cute! I like the color, and the lace.

  3. Outdoor Rugs · Avatar

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