baby thermal, and one last correction

pink thermal yoke

Last week I started into yet another version of Thermal, following the little blue one I posted a photo of a few entries ago – that one’s sized for a baby, this one, for a kid (about 4 years). I’m reworking the pattern to self-publish it sized from newborn right up to a kids’ size 12. Instead of being knit in the round from the bottom up with set-in sleeves, this one’s a top down raglan – easy to knit, and easy to size!

Still knit in fingering weight – this time I’m using Nature’s Palette. It’s coming along quickly despite the small needles – I just started this one about a week or so ago. And it’s really fun – I really do love this waffle stitch pattern! Easy, but good visual impact.

pink thermal, into the body

And, well, there’s one more little correction to the B-Side pattern – the last correction that I made was mirrored again in the next row, so that is now a bit off. I’ve decided not to email out the corrected pattern automatically to everyone this time, because my email doesn’t like the volume! It’s a really easy fix, though, and of course I’ll email it to anyone that asks.

The row following the cable set-up row should read:

“Next Row [WS]: Purl to marker, slip marker, work Row 3 of Ensign’s Braid Cable over next 24 sts, slip marker, purl to end.”

The BSide3.pdf version of the file says to purl a certain number of stitches which should have been changed when I changed the cable set-up row – but basically you’re just purling across and working the panel in pattern. Pretty simple fix, and some knitters might not even have looked at the number of stitches to purl to the marker!

Again, though, if you want a new copy of the pattern, just email me at I’ve also posted the errata on the B-Side Ravelry page.



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8 responses to “baby thermal, and one last correction”

  1. pixie Avatar

    very cool! I would love to knit a baby one!

  2. EclatDuSoleil Avatar

    Great construction, and I agree with you about this stitch pattern, I’ve used some times : less effort, great effect :-)
    I love your baby version, and think I will try it soon.

  3. Kym Avatar

    Baby Thermal? Dude, you’re a genius. I would totally knit one for my kid, but I’d be hesitant to make one for myself because it would take me forever.

    Can’t wait to see it!

  4. Knittripps Avatar

    Baby thermal! That sounds like a great baby knit. I would love to knit one for my niece.

  5. kelly Avatar

    Top-down! Dang! I kept trying to top down the adult pattern and couldn’t get it to look nice like that, and I was too lazy to mess with the pattern trying to raise up the back neck. Now I kinda want rip out the 8 inches of body I have and start over. Then again, that was a lot of twisted ribbing. Nuts!

  6. rosem Avatar

    Can’t wait for the baby thermal! Just became a Great Aunt!!

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  8. Jrdgxano Avatar

    puhMof comment6 ,

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