and the winners are…

I used a random number generator to pick a couple numbers between 1 and 183 (the number of emails I got!), and it came up 33 and 122.

Three balls of luscious Kertzer Truffles (80% merino, 20% cashmere) go to….Sharon S. on Vancouver Island!

And a skein of super-bright red and pink Fleece Artist merino sock goes to… Alison H. in Toronto!

Congrats! I’ve emailed you both.

Onto the knitting – I’ve been working away on Dreamcatcher and am about to start the neck shaping. I’m thinking the rest of the body will go pretty quickly after that, as the armhole shaping starts soon after that. It’s a bit big and fiddly to carry around though, so I guess it’s stay at home knitting.

I also started a new pair of socks – Whitby from Knitting on the Road. I’m actually using the called-for yarn, Louet Gems Opal.

The socks is worked on very few stitches – 51! It does fit, although it is a bit snug. I’m going ahead, since it’ll probably stretch when I wear them anyway. I’m making these with pretty short cuffs.

New yarn – I’ve finished the wool/soy silk yarn I’ve been working on forever. That’s what happens when you have to blend with handcards! It’s very soft, and is a really nice colour from the soy silk. There are some places in the yarn where I didn’t blend enough, so it’s just soy silk or just merino for a stretch. I think it’s pretty interesting.

Now, what colour to dye it…






3 responses to “and the winners are…”

  1. Julia Avatar

    Hmm, I wonder if the stretches of soy and merino will absorb the dye differently, making interesting variations? Your handspuns are truly gorgeous, if you keep this up for a few years you will be a master! I’m loving your new blue socks too, it’s a neat pattern, I can’t tell if it’s little cables or what, but it’s very cool.

  2. Chris Avatar

    Oh, love how the Whitby’s shaping up! And that soysilk merino looks yummy even without dye.

  3. may Avatar

    I love the spun yarn just like it is!

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