Well, I finished my last exam of my third year of undergrad on Tuesday, so of course I’ve been busy out and about since then! (I start my summer term on monday, but at least that’s only one class, twice a week, for two months.) Today I went indoor rock climbing for the first time in a long while and my arms, they are a-sore.

So. I don’t really have any knitting progress to report – I’ve been working a little bit on VBC, and I finished the first front of the Rowanspun jacket (which I’m not really feeling anymore…hmm). Not much spinning to talk about either, because I’ve been spinning a whole lotta skinny white merino. I need to spice that up and soon, so I think I’ll quickly spin up some dyed merino at a chunkier gauge very, very soon.

I do have ideas, though, so new and exciting things are soon to come! In the meanwhile…I really need to concentrate on having a rockin’ couple days of freedom!

10 Responses to “and a yee-haw!”

  1. Siri

    Hooray! Congratulations. I remember SO WELL that feeling of finishing exams. It was a huge weight being lifted from the shoulders. How you manage school, work, AND all that great knitting and blogging I’ll never be able to fathom.

  2. Chris

    Congrats!! And those Whitby socks looked great, too. (I’m a bit behind in bloglines…)


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