Applicable only to my Canadian customers – as you all know, we pay a lot of tax. Unfortunately I’m going to have to start collecting it from you too! As of July 1 (okay, actually as of July 5), 2010, pattern sales will have sales tax added for Canadian customers only.

The rates are: British Columbia 12%; Ontario, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador 13%; Nova Scotia 15%; and everywhere else in Canada 5% GST.

These taxes should be added when you go through the Paypal checkout. For sales from all other places, no tax (the price you see is what you get). I’m currently going through all the pattern pages to add a note about this so you don’t get any surprises!

Enough of the tax talk, how about some knitting?

it grooows!

My cashmere cabled scarf grows! It’s probably about halfway done (I’m in the second skein) and I still love knitting it. This month I have a deadline project looming, so I’m not sure how much love this scarf will get – but I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to release the pattern in August for a jump start on autumn knitting!

15 Responses to “an important announcement”

  1. Kristin

    I am so in love with that scarf. Looking forward to the pattern release so that I can knit my own.

  2. Melissa

    That is absolutely beautiful! Cannot wait for the pattern so I can make one for myself and perhaps a friend, too!

  3. CL

    I just saw a sweater in a very similar cable entitled “Falling Leaves.” I find it interesting how it just looks like the knit fabric was pulled through and then drapes.

  4. monica

    This is “THE ONE” pattern I will for sure do for myself come fall!!!Can wait for August!!!

  5. Jeanie

    That scarf is beautiful!! I love the big, loose cables:) I’ll be in line to purchase that pattern for sure!

  6. Julie

    Another amazing pattern Laura. I can’t wait to knit up this beauty!

  7. Kyoko

    Hello! I have found your blog by chance and I love your work (and nice to meet you.. :D ).
    What a gorgeous scarf you are making. It must be so warm to wear for the cold season!

  8. kkkkatie

    Cannot wait for the pattern release of the scarf. thanks for sharing with us

  9. Laughingrat

    That scarf is fascinating. I keep thinking it wouldn’t be me, but every time I see a picture of it, I can’t help but want to knit it.


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