an FO and a new ‘do

Lush and Lacy is finally done!

lush and lacy, done!

Lush and Lacy
Pattern: Lush and Lacy from Sweaterbabe, size M (36 1/2)
Yarn: 7 skeins Classic Elite Lush – 50% angora, 50% wool
Needles: Knitpicks Harmony, 5.5 mm

I love this sweater! When it started popping up on the blogs, I just had to have it. I actually had the called-for yarn in my stash! I really love the peplum in the back and the gathers on the sleeves. The knitting was extremely fast, but I stalled out in the finishing.

lush and lacy, back

My mods: no pockets on the front, longer sleeves. I wanted the bell part of the sleeve to fall below the elbow, not above, so I just worked even longer before shaping the cap. No buttons or clasps yet (mostly out of laziness) so I use a kilt pin to hold it closed in front, or just wear it open.

lush and lacy

I’ve worn the sweater a few times already, and the angora’s halo is really coming up just from being worn. It doesn’t seem overly sheddy yet, but we’ll see. It’s soft as all get-out, though!

lush and lacy, flat

In other news, I got a funky (for me) new haircut – it’s really quite short in the back, with longer pieces angled toward the front. The longer pieces around my face make it feel like I have longer hair, but it’s really short in the back! Nice and light. Definitely the shortest my hair’s been in a long, long, long time, and I love it!

new hair



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43 responses to “an FO and a new ‘do”

  1. Amy Avatar

    Both are lovely!

  2. Julia Avatar

    The sweater is so cute!! I looove what the back looks like…my queue will just have to get longer. Again. Great haircut, too! I love the long pieces. I think I’m going to chop my hair for summer, not sure how yet! But it does feel good after having long-ish hair.

  3. kate Avatar

    the sweater is super cute!

    i have had that haircut several times and love it. It is a perfect combo — the front length is fun, but the shortness in the back adds some funkiness. It looks great on you!

  4. Emily Avatar

    Wow, the haircut is perfect for you! I LOVE it! and the sweater is just gorgeous! I like it without the front pockets.

  5. Julia Avatar

    Wow – you look awesome in that sweater! It’s gorgeous and very flattering. The haircut is great too. Hello hot stuff!

  6. Laura Avatar

    The sweater is gorgeous. I can’t believe you had that much angora laying around in your stash!

    Oh, and I’m TOTALLY stealing your haircut. FYI.

  7. LizKnits Avatar

    Very cute sweater and a great haircut!!

  8. Wanda Avatar

    I totally love your haircut!! So cute on you. It’s wonderful.

    Beautiful sweater too. I don’t think I’ve seen that one before, but I do like it.

  9. Peacock Chic Avatar

    Wow both came out super cute…the frock and the do!

  10. Stephanie Avatar

    The hair cut is perfect for showing of the awesome new sweater you have! If I had less stuff going on I might be able to finish as many knits as you do. I’m impressed!

  11. Jennifer Avatar

    Cute cut, and the sweater is gorgeous!

  12. Keatyn Avatar

    That is my go to haircut every time I feel like chopping off my hair once its gotten long. I love it because it makes almost everyone look fabulous. Love the sweater as well. I am actually thinking about making one sometime.

  13. Wanett Avatar

    I love your version of Lush and Lacy, but I am really envious of the hair. I long for a nice versatile style like this. Both suite you really well.

  14. Susannah Avatar

    I had to post my first comment because the sweater is wonderful and I love your haircut!!

  15. Niki Avatar

    Great “do”, and the sweater’s pretty, too. Love the color of the sweater, and it looks very cozy.

  16. Jennie Avatar

    It’s super cute on you. Love the simple gray color. Your hair looks great too. :)

  17. Kate Avatar

    I love it! Especially with your sleeve mods.

  18. Natalie B Avatar

    luv the cardi, and lucv the haircut! I have a similar haircut, and I love it so much! I find it so easy to style, and bad hair days have lessened because of it. My LYS has lana gatto feeling on sale, and I’m dying to buy a bunch to make a cute cardi. I’m thinking that pattern might be the one, but I’m still on the fence (especially because feeling is a sport weight yarn instead of aran)

  19. Zhenya Avatar

    Your modifications to this sweater are impeccable. I like your version much better than the original. How wonderful it would look with a richly color shawl pin clasped closer to the neck edge! Great haircut, too. It really becomes you.


  20. Jagienka Avatar

    love the cardi! gray goes with everything so I suppose this one will be worn a lot – I know I would wear it a lot.
    I’m adding it to my Q for sure.
    great job, oh, and nice haircut – suits you very well.

  21. Jo Avatar

    That is a beautiful sweater – I love the muted grey colour.

  22. sari Avatar

    i love the sweater! and that is how my hair is too… its great because its so easy to take care of, and it looks soooooo good on like, everyone!

  23. Robin Avatar

    Both the sweater and your hair look fantastic! Light grey is a nice colour on you.

  24. melanie Avatar

    I still wasn’t sure about this sweater, but I love your version! I think I’ll add it to my queue, and make my sleeves longer as well. Love the haircut! Looks great! It’s basically the same as what I have right now. It’s great for summer too (if it ever gets warm enough).

  25. lisa Avatar

    LOVE the new haircut – it looks super on you.

  26. Vanessa Avatar

    Oh my! You can see the softness through the web – gorgeous Darling! Just Gorgeous!
    And your haircut is to die for. It is stunning.
    I am sure it shows off all the angles of your face.
    Great spring/summer cut
    Nice work on your sweater.

  27. Missyecaj Avatar

    It’s so gorgeous. I like the longer sleeve choice.

  28. Suzanne V. (Yarnhog) Avatar

    Lush turned out beautifully! I like the longer sleeves. And I LOVE your hair! Very stylish.

  29. Mrs MJW Avatar

    your sweater is lovely. its just the kinda feminine thing i like. the color is perfect with the design. nice work. oh, and your hair is cute as well.

  30. Abbe Avatar

    The sweater is super cute on you and I love the new do.

  31. Seanna Lea Avatar

    I used to have a hairstyle like that. I had a sharp angled stack in the back and longer chunks of hair towards the front. I loved it, but it was one of the hardest hair styles I’ve ever tried to maintain.

    I love the sweater. It’s a great fit!

  32. Michaela Avatar

    That turned out really cute! I love it! (And your new do, too!)

  33. liz Avatar

    I love the sweater and that is my dream haircut! I have very thick hair – usually chin length but when spring/summer are here, I’ll be getting it cut – and I’m going to do my best to describe it to my stylist.

  34. Andrea Avatar

    I don’t know if I like the sweater or the hair better. Both are awesome!

  35. Moggle Avatar

    Angora cables – yum!
    Love the new haircut.

  36. Jody Avatar

    Love the sweater! And the haircut is too cute!

  37. Elizabeth Avatar

    Your new sweater and haircut are both awesome. I am super big-time in love with my L&L – so glad you are happy with yours, too.

  38. val Avatar

    absolutely beautiful!!!

  39. Dr. Steph Avatar

    Both are nice. Can’t wait to see them in person.

  40. darlene Avatar

    i love the hair! it looks really good on you! the sweater is amazing….still on my queue but i will get to it! kudos!

  41. Jodie Avatar

    Cute sweater! I’ve always wanted to get a cut like that, but curly hair doesn’t really work with that cut. Oh well. It looks great on you!

  42. melissa Avatar

    lush and lacy is just adorable. i love it.

    the new haircut looks great on you. i get mine cut similarly, i like it because you get to have a little bit of everything.

  43. April Avatar

    That cardigan is awesome – its so going on my to-do list, although I’ve never worked with angora before!

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